Equal Rights for All

An interactive seminar on anti-discrimination prepared by OBCT in the framework of the project “The Parliament of Rights”, which aims at contributing to a better understanding of the EP’s role in the democratic process of the European Union and in defining European policy regarding the protection and the promotion of fundamental rights.

The seminar aims at helping local realities to understand policy-making process and the fields of civic mobilization on a European level and targets civil society organizations, volunteers, officers of local authorities and all the people with a direct interest in anti-discrimination policies and in European citizenship.

The lesson will be given by Melissa Sonnino, an educator with a long experience in advocacy in the European Union against discrimination of all kinds, and will make use of an educational kit, developed in collaboration with CEJI - A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe and illustrating the EU’s anti-discrimination policy and legislation process. 

"Il Parlamento dei diritti

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