Save the Balkan Rivers: Resisting Hydroelectric Power Plants in the Balkans and Albania

Una river (©Stepo Dinaricus/Shutterstock)

Conferenza organizzata dal gruppo confederale della Sinistra Unitaria Europea/Sinistra Verde Nordica

South-Eastern Europe has a particular environment with a unique biodiversity that has to be protected. However, since 2005 more than 2112 greenfield plants have been planned, which cause irreversible damage to the environment. Many of them are located in protected and environmentally sensitive areas and national parks. The European Parliament and the European Commission reports highlighted that environmental impact assessment studies are poorly drafted and do not ensure compliance with international standards and relevant EU legislation. For more than a decade citizens, activists and civil society from the Balkans have waged a struggle against HPPs, which pose a threat to the environment, sustainable development and ultimately to their way of life. There are similar cases in most of the Balkan countries, with Albania as one of the most characteristic case.

International organisations, such as WWF, BankWatch, RiverWatch, the Balkans International Report Network, EuroNatur, as well as local NGOs from Albania and other S/E European countries will present the situation on the ground.

Members of the European Parliament from different political groups, representatives from the European Commission and Embassies will also participate.

The conference will be live-streamed and will be also interpreted in English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Croatian, Bulgarian and Albanian. 


If you are interested in attending the conference and you have no access budge for the European Parliament, please send to the contact members below, your name, ID number and date of birth before 22 February.  

For any additional information please contact:

Mr Charalampos Kontonis at / tel. 0032 2 2830242 and Mrs Pandora Dimanopoulou at / tel 0032 2 28 37535