Je suis Charlie. Media Freedom in the EU and South Eastern Europe

Che cosa limita la libertà di stampa, l'indipendenza e la sicurezza dei giornalisti e come difendere il diritto all'informazione dei cittadini europei? Seminario pubblico nell'ambito del progetto europeo di OBC "Safety Net for European Journalists". Iscrizione obbligatoria

What stands in the way of media freedom, journalistic safety and independence and how to defend citizens' right to information in Europe? Public seminar within the project 'Safety Net for European Journalists'

On January 7th, twelve people were killed and several others were injured in the terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Although unprecedented in its gravity, the Paris attack is not an isolated episode. Across Europe, media professionals are too often threatened, censured, jailed, intimidated and this profoundly affects the citizens' right to information.

Also European journalists face fresh professional challenges coming with the rapidly changing media landscape, new market patterns, digital technologies and the economic crises. As a result, new problems pile on top of long-standing ones that have led to a decline in journalistic standards, media independence, and safety.

What needs to be done to create a new Safety Net? What are the lessons Europe should draw from the January 7th terror attack in Paris? What works, what doesn’t and how do journalists themselves deal with threats, violations and their own safety? What can EU institutions and governments do to uphold journalistic values and actually support civic liberties in a sector marred by growing public mistrust, shadowy business, political interference, and dwindling professional standards?



Host and Chair:
Ulrike LUNACEK, Vice-President of the European Parliament

Luisa CHIODI, Scientific director of OBC
Tanja FAJON, Member of the European Parliament
Ivo VAJGL, Member of the European Parliament
Kati PIRI, Member of the European Parliament

Questions to the panelists by the public and OBC's partners:
SEEMO/IPI (Austria)
Ossigeno per l'Informazione (Italy)
Dr. Eugenia Siapera, City Univ. Dublin (Ireland)
Beta (Serbia)
Dilema Veche (Romania)
Bianet (Turkey)
Mediapool (Bulgaria)
The Press Project (Greece)
Vijesti (Montenegro)
H-Alter (Croatia)
24Vesti (Macedonia)
Radio Popolare (Italy)

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