Facing Challenges in the Western Balkans: multiculturalism and European integration

Simposio internazionale sul multiculturalismo e integrazione europea dei Balcani occidentali

The objective of the workshop is to bring together young leaders of Balkan and French civil societies in order to liven up a debate on “living together” in a multicultural society, in countries that should soon – notably in the perspective of their accession to the European Union – be enforcing important economic and institutional reforms.
Through this initiative, the association wants to sensitize the public of Dijon and Burgundy to the problems pertaining to the Balkans, reinforce the European spirit of the city of Dijon, and underline the uniqueness of the relations between Burgundy and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The workshop will take place on the 16th and 17th of April 2012 in the buildings of Sciences Po Paris in Dijon – specialized in the Central and Eastern Europe zone, including the Balkan countries and welcoming about a hundred students from more than twenty different states –, the Regional Council of Burgundy, the Grand Dijon and the Dijon Town Hall.

The workshop participants, in total twenty-two and of whom approximately half will be from the Balkans, will be divided around two round tables. Each will treat several predefined subjects and will be
accessible to Sciences Po students and guests such as representatives of the diplomatic corps of Balkan countries as well as the Dijon public.



Monday, April 16th - Sciences Po Dijon

20:00 - Special screening of the film "Reunion" followed by a commentary made by Jon Haukeland, Director

Tuesday, 17th April - Council Hall Grand Dijon

Opening conference

The Western Balkans and the integration of Croatia to the EU: what conclusions can we draw?
- Pierre Pribétich, First Vice-President, Grand Dijon, Deputy Mayor, City of Dijon
- László Surján, Vice-President of European Parliament

10:30-11:00 - Coffee break - Grand Dijon

11:00-16:30 - Round tables - Grand Dijon
Open to the public

13:00-14:00 - Cocktail lunch - Grand Dijon
Workshop guests

17:00-18:00 - Closing conference - Regional Council in Dijon

Multiculturalism and economic development in the Western Balkans
- Wenceslaz De Lobkowicz, DG Enlargement, Advisor on Inter-Cultural Dialogue
- Alan Paic, Head, Investment Compact for South East Europe (OECD)

Drinks with the Regional Council of Burgundy - Regional Council in Dijon
Workshop guests

Dinner - Restaurant “La Dame d’Aquitaire”
Workshop guests

21:00 - Stereotypes evening - Wine bar “Cave à Jules” Dijon
Students explain what it means to be a youth from the Balkans in today’s Europe. Balkan students will present their visions of “the other”

Wednesday, 18th April

Guided tour of Dijon Tourism Office
Young Balkan leaders City of Dijon


The workshop will be organized around two round tables:

Round table n° 1
Multiculturalism in the Western Balkans and within the EU: a comparative approach. Advantage or handicap for the Western Balkans’ EU integration?

Tim Judah, journalist, The Economist

Joseph Krulic, Jurist and Historian, Balkans specialist
Sylvie Ramel, Teaching and Research Assistant Chair of Political Philosophy University of Zurich

8 young leaders of civil society (names to be announced after selection)


Round table n° 2
The Balkans: a missing piece of the European puzzle, between reciprocated attraction and disillusionment

Alexandre Lévy, journalist, Courrier International

- Jacques Rupnik, Director of Research, CERI Sciences Po Paris
- George-Marie Chenu, Former Ambassador of France in Croatia

8 young leaders of civil society (names to be announced after selection)


Association Bourgogne Balkans Express (loi 1901)
Premier cycle de Sciences Po Paris à Dijon
14 Avenue Victor Hugo - 21000 Dijon