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2013 Media in Turkey: Arrests, Assaults, Interventions, Lay Offs


While 59 journalists and 23 publishers were arrested in 2013; 186 journalists, 1 media outlet and 2 internet sites were subjected to attacks. ECHR ordered to Turkey to pay 198,935 euros in FoE related cases. 143 media workers lost their jobs

Kosovo Online Media Urged to Curb Hate Speech


An NGO in Pristina has urged online media outlets to ban readers’ comments that are flagrantly offensive and incite hatred - saying very few of them now exercise any such control

New attack against Montenegrin daily Vijesti


A vehicle belonging to Montenegrin daily Vijesti was set on fire in the Adriatic republic's capital in the early hours of February 13th (Thursday). This was the latest in a series of attacks against the staff or property of the Podgorica-based independent newspaper in recent years