DPS will not even talk on amendments


DPS members manage to create amendments, but they’re unwilling to talk with the press about it. They rather prefer to work from a shadow with certain NGOs, accountable only to them and in their interest, not in the public interest.

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Montenegro: independent media target of regime


Despite the arrest of two suspects in 2014, the Prosecution closed the investigation into the beating of journalist Tufik Softic, that took place in 2007.

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Jovovic: Politicians do not understand that the media are the guardians of democracy


"Protecting jobs and independence of journalists from media owners": this is the official motivation for which the ruling party DPS demanded that the parliamentary committee monitoring attacks on journalists extended its functions in order to deals with autonomy and independence of the media and journalists. Three MPs of the opposition voted against such a proposal, deeming that it is actually aimed at discrediting the work of journalists.

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Montenegro: attacks, pressures and divisions are still in progress


Last year, 15 cases have been registered in which the targetshave been journalists and their property.

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Who is hiding the attackers of Tufik Softic?


Special public prosecutor Milivoje Katnić is examining whether any of the prosecutors, police officers and investigative judges abused their official position during the eight years of unsuccessful investigation in the case about the attacks on journalist Tufik Softic, which ended without result.

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The Nineties' are back in the Croatian media


The Ustasha salute "Ready for the motherland!" is back in the center of the Croatian capital, and it is mostly chanted by the demonstrators - mostly war veterans - led by Velimir Bujanec. Bujanec, a declared Nazi from the Nineties, depicted in a Nazi uniform with a "swastika" on the sleeve, is now presenting, in a similar vein, the Sunday television show "Bujica".

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Krivokapic: The media are worse than in the nineties


In Montenegro, the media situation is worse than during the Nineties, said Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic adding that politics, economic forces and media are threatening to reduce the freedom of society.

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Who will respond for bad investigation about the attack on Softić?


Human Rights Action (HRA) and Tufik Softić’s lawyer, Dalibor Tomović, have asked the Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro to establish responsibility for the failures in the investigation of the attack perpetrated in 2007. The case was suspended in November last year for lack of evidence.

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Montenegrin journalists wrote the UN rapporteur for the Softić case


In the letter, signed by 53 journalists from several Montenegrin media, it is recalled the chronology of the attack on Softić, a journalist for Vijesti, Monitor and Radio Berane

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Prosecutors are now responsible for my safety


Higher Prosecutor's Office in Bijelo Polje has officially suspended the investigation against Dragan Labudović for the attempted murder of journalist Tufik Softić.

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