The 90's" came back in Croatian media


Even the most pessimistic predictions couldn't have foreseen that the new government in Croatia will adopt the practice used in the 90's, when Franjo Tudjman authoritatively threatened freedom of expression in Croatian media.

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Only one out of ten murders of journalists is prosecuted


None of about 40 killings of journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last 25 years has been clarified. Around the world more than 2.300 journalists and media workers have been killed while covering different events, and only one of ten killings of journalists gets investigated.

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Laws Serving to Persecute Belarus Journalists


Dozens of freelance journalists in Belarus face fines for working for “foreign media”. European press associations warned on this eastern republic’s authorities’ continuation of bad practice after they sanctioned, at the beginning of this year, Larysa Shchyrakova with around 225 euro for breaking an article of the Belarusian Code on Administrative Offenses which forbids freelance journalists in the country from working with foreign media outlets.

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Language Barriers and Governments Lower Information Flow on the Internet


Digital communication strategist Gillo Cutrupi warned that there is too much noise on the Internet and that it is lowering information flow. Cutrupi spoke to about today’s biggest threats to unobstructed flow of digital information and how every activist, organisation and journalist can strengthen the civil society sector.

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Resource Centre Aims to Combat Intimidation of European Journalists


In order to ease spreading of useful information and contents on media freedom in Europe, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso and the European Centre for Media Freedom developed a new online platform - the Resource Centre.

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Online media in Bosnia: Hate speech in comments


Online hate speech presented in comment sections is one of the problems to which media community in Bosnia and Herzegovina has devoted its attention.

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Elections in Turkey: Restrictions and attacks on media


Reporting over the bombings around the elections in Turkey was banned while the majority of media presented the ruling party AKP as the only owner and protector of the country. Meanwhile, the so-called “supporters of AKP“ attacked the Doğan media center, where offices of Hurriyet daily are located, while their columnist Ahmet Hakan was attacked in front of his house. In the pre-election period there were many other attacks and prosecutions against the journalists.

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The case of Mohammed Rasool: the price of being a journalist in Turkey


What does a 25 year-old very talented journalist with a double major in the same prison with ISIL militants?

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Helping journalists in small towns


Borka Rudic, Secretary General of BH Journalists Association, talks about the organization’s plan to open local chapters throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and offer stronger support to journalists in small towns

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Massive corporations dominate the media landscape


Goran Sarić, a well-known journalist, writer, lecturer and former assistant editor of one of the most important cultural magazines in ex-Yugoslavia "Književna revija", assesses the situation of professional standards of journalism and media ethics, citing the main weaknesses and strengths.

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