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The international journalists federation demands urgent and unconditional release of the journalist Zoran Bozinovski


The International federation of Journalists called for an immediate and unconditional release of the journalist Zoran Bozinovski. In a letter addressed to the President of Macedonia, and to the Prosecutor's Office, the secretary and the president of the International federation of Jounralists denounced the prolonged pre-trial detention of Bozinovski, charged for spying and accused to be a member of an organized crime ring.

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Journalists protection committee gets a NGO status, credentials from the UN


The Committee for the protection of Journalists, based in New York, was granted the status of Ngo, with an accreditation at the United Nations. The decision was taken with a resolution approved yesterday by the Economic and social council of the UN. The council gave the Committee “a special advisory status as an Ngo“.

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Arrest warrants for 42 journalists issued in Turkey


The Turkish judiciary today issued detention warrants against 42 journalists, charged with being members of the organisation responsible for a coup attempt against president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Macedonian media do not respect the code for ethical reporting


Macedonian media have signed a charter of ethical reporting, but some of them keep on violating the code and reporting unprofessionally. The Council on Media Ethics adopted 21 decisions on complaints regarding reports of TV stations, newspapers and Internet portals.

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Journalists not welcome in tribunal to cover the "Divo naselje" armed confrontation


The Skopje Criminal Court did not allow reporters to attend the trial of the case "Divo Naselje", when eight Macedonian policemen were killed in the city of Kumanovo, because there was allegedly not enough space in court.

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Who controls the media?


Macedonian political parties can not agree on the media sector reform, one of the main points of the Pržino agreement between the government and the opposition. Waiting for the EU mediator Vanhaute, they are accusing each other of wishing to control the media.

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SSNM: only 1% of media workers feel sure about their employment


According to the journalists syndicate in Macedonia, only 1 % of the media workers in the country are sure about the stability of their employment while and 77 % said that they are fearfull they could lose their job.

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Macedonian journalists' syndicate presents a draft version of the collective labour agreement


The syndicate of journalists and media workers is pushing for collective labor agreement between the workers and the owners. The aim of the agrement is to raise the rights of the workers and to maked unification od the rights for all media, overcoming the resistance of many media owners.

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Negotiations on media regulations in stand-by, Van Haute in Bruxelles


The negotiations about the media regulations towards early elections in Macedonia are mediated with the help of european expert Peter Van Haute. Macedonian experts discuss about the future role of the Macedonian public service MRTV, as well as about the connections between the goverment and private TV stations.

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"Trend": how to decontaminate the media in Macedonia


24Vesti weekly show „Trend“ was devoted to freedom of the media, and ways to achieve independent and free media in Macedonia.

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