Three cities of the Western Balkans that have in common an industrial past  and present.

Three cities that share the drama of high pollution and an incidence of tumors far above the average of the respective countries. Elbasan in Albania, Zenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and finally  Pančevo in Serbia: three feature stories and three photo galleries. A new dossier by OBC.

One of the most polluted cities in Europe, home of a large industrial district during Socialist Yugoslavia, Pančevo suffered the devastating consequences of the NATO bombings of 1999. It is now slowly rising up. A video-report

Interviews: Nicole Corritore, Davide Sighele
Camera: Andrea Pandini
Editing: Davide Sighele

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dying of pollution in Zenica

05/11/2012 -  Esad Hećimović Zenica

In the industrial district of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the number of tumours have increased alarmingly over the last ten years. The eyes are on local industries and especially the historic steel factory now privatized. Our report


Elbasan, the polluted city

08/11/2012 -  Marjola Rukaj

The Chinese built it, the collapse of the Berlin Wall marked its end. The huge metallurgical plant in Elbasan still looms on those who live nearby. A report from Albania's most polluted city


Pančevo, dead town

13/12/2012 -  Nicole Corritore

Pančevo has for years been the most polluted town in South East Europe. The Nato bombings in 1999 made the situation even worse. Our report

Environment protection

The environment as a local resource is an overarching topic within the SeeNet II Programme in its aim to strengthen local governance and development. Some of the actions in the Western Balkans are specifically linked to the enhancement of rural areas and nature  in the Region

The decentralised cooperation Programme SeeNet II, led by the region of Tuscany and co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, involves 6 Regions, the Autonomous province of Trento, Italian civil society and 47 local authorities in Sout-east Europe. Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso is the partner for analysis and information dissemination. Read more >