In many Balkan countries in these years environmental movements have been struggling to defend common goods. Are these protests creating a new idea of Europe? Our dossier

Lonely Croatian hills

27/05/2014 -  Giovanni Vale Zagabria

Zagreb is asking the EU for help to cope with the floods that have hit the country. But in the Gorski Kotar, between Rijeka and Zagreb, citizens are still waiting for the funds to cover the damage caused by February's disastrous frost wave

Croatia: GMOs? No, thank you!

23/05/2014 -  Nicole Corritore

The European debate on the authorization for cultivating Pioneer 1507 corn has raised fears in the youngest country of the Union, where all regions have declared themselves "GMO free"

European elections: the green party ranks third in Croatia

30/05/2014 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

The environmentalist party ORaH, born just six months ago, managed to rank third in the European elections in Croatia with 9.4%. The celebrations at the headquarters and the preparations for the upcoming 2015 political elections

Romania: Social Capital

30/04/2014 -  Daniela Mogavero

The youth of Romania took to the streets in order to defend the environment against multinational corporations and local politicians. A new generation is the protagonist of Romania’s first social movement since the collapse of communism. An interview with the scholar, Chiara Milan

From the archive

Land of blue gold

Bosnia Herzegovina is one of the European countries with the richest water resources. Projects to build a series of hydroelectric power stations in Republika Srpska, however, are endangering a delicate environmental balance. Report

Small farming in South East Europe at a crossroads

The EU enlargement process introduces new opportunities for small farmers in the Balkans, but also new risks. Slow Food Bulgaria and Osservatorio organized a conference in Sofia on the protection of the region's traditional food

Turkey: the treasure in the cave at Divle

At Divle, on the Anatolian plateau in Turkey, the traditional “tulum” cheese has for centuries been preserved in sheep and goat skins inside a deep cave at the edge of the village

Fort Sochi

The Sochi Project, a digital tale showcased at the recent Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, is a powerful investigation into the next Winter Olympics, and on the human rights violations associated


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