Between May 23 and 26 2019, the elections for the European Parliament will be held in the 28 countries of the European Union. An important appointment, explored in this dossier from the point of view of Eastern Europe including with focus on data, thanks to our EDJNet datajournalism project

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Boyko Borisov (Photo © Alexandros Michailidis/Shutterstock)
Francesco Martino | Sofia
31 May 2019

Characterized by record high level of abstention, the European elections in Bulgaria marked a new success for the prime minister Borisov, who won despite scandals and unfavorable poll predictions

Andrej Plenković (photo by  Alexandros Michailidis/Shutterstock)
Giovanni Vale | Zagreb
28 May 2019

No easy victory for the ruling HDZ in the European elections. With the voter turnout of 29%, the HDZ didn’t get enough votes to beat its historical rival, the Social Democratic Party: both parties won four seats. The biggest surprise is a judge Kolakušić, who won one seat

Elections legitimacy in the age of digital dominance
Sofia Verza
23 May 2019

Damian Tambini, professor at the London School of Economics, discusses with ESVEI the policy challenges posed by digital dominance for election legitimacy. Transparency, fairness and election monitoring in the age of “surveillance capitalism”. An interview

Gresa Hasa
23 May 2019

Gresa Hasa, an Albanian activist of the Lëvizja Për Universitetin movement, explains why she feels European. Europe is, in her opinion, a moral concept rather than a geographical one

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov (Belish/Shutterstock)
Francesco Martino | Sofia
22 May 2019

A series of scandals has shaken Bulgaria on the eve of the next European elections, threatening to affect the results and overshadow the debate on the major issues of the Union's future

Natalia Golubnycha/shutterstock

In the 2014 European elections, only 42.5 percent of people eligible to vote participated. From the economy to migration, by way of defence and climate change, European questions are now central to the public debate however

Adina-Ioana Vălean (euranet_plus/Flickr )
Lorenzo Ferrari
21 May 2019

MEPs representing Romania and Bulgaria have much more clout than those representing many other countries, including Italy and France. This is demonstrated by an indicator developed by VoteWatch Europe

Goran Jeras
Giovanni Vale | Zagreb
15 May 2019

Emigration, economy, and the future of the country on the eve of the European elections. We talked about these topics with Goran Jeras, creator of the first Croatian Ethical Finance Cooperative

 © rawf8/Shutterstock
Giovanni Vale | Zagreb
19 April 2019

Croatia will vote for the European elections on May 26th. Considering the revival of demonstrations and protests throughout the country, an increase in turnout is expected compared to the 2014 elections. An analysis of the competing parties

Gina Pavone
26 March 2019

Will parties run enough women, and will they be placed in electable positions on electoral lists? Besides electoral systems, determination and concrete action are required to incentivise female representation. Let’s take a look at where we are now, with the numbers in hand