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It is extremely straightforward to find information on mountain biking in Istria. The “Istria bike” website provides all information on the routes available. There are currently 43 routes, though soon there will be another 30. The website also provides useful telephone numbers plus all information regarding cultural activities and tourism throughout all the areas.

Length,difference in height and difficulty

The lengths vary from 14 to 119 kilometres and the difference in height of the routes from 150 to 1,450 metres. The routes are classified into blues, reds and blacks depending on their difficulty and the pedalling ground.

From the website

It is possible to download maps, GPS details, the altimeter and road book from the site.

Places to eat

At the start of each route there is a map indicating various places along the route. There are various bike rental places which also give out a map of the routes. There are also places for mountain bikers to get something to eat along the routes.