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Legend: geothermal energy in the Balkans

17/12/2014 -  Nataša Stuper

Geothermal energy lands in the Balkans, saving money on bills and curbing global warming. An interview with Marco Meggiolaro, coordinator of the LEGEND project

On-line debate!

24/11/2014 - 

Is the European Neighbourhood Policy responsible for the crisis in Ukraine? Have your say and comment the opinions of two MEPs, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski and Helmut Scholz

EULEX: the corruption files

06/11/2014 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

The EU is struggling to save the credibility of its Kosovo mission, but is walking on thin ice. Our report

New commission: more neighbourhood, less enlargement?

03/10/2014 -  Luisa Chiodi

The European Parliament is running the hearings of the members of the new Juncker Commission. Johannes Hahn will be responsible for enlargement and neighbourhood policies. An analysis

Greece, wind power to exit the crisis

30/09/2014 -  Nataša Stuper

Despite the crisis, years of investment have led to the construction of 139 wind farms. Greece's wind is today one of the most attractive energy resources in Europe, and the trend is likely to continue

Croatia, renewable sources still to come

15/09/2014 -  Nataša Stuper

Increasing the production of electricity from renewable sources: this is one of the objectives that the EU Member States must achieve by 2020. Croatia has been slowing down its program and might be sanctioned by Brussels

The once beautiful, blue Danube

05/09/2014 -  Francesco Martino

The mysterious sturgeon, an indicator of the river's health, is at risk. Bulgaria, Romania and the WWF strive to protect it

Bulgaria, towards new early elections

22/07/2014 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Dysfunctional politics, institutional crisis, banking fever. This is the image of Bulgaria after last May's European vote. Our report

European elections in Cyprus: between confirmations and frustrations

04/06/2014 -  Francesco Grisolia

The EU elections confirmed traditional electoral trends in Cyprus, with a record level of abstention and two seats each for the two main Greek-Cypriots parties. Controversies mounted about thousands of Turkish-Cypriots citizens not allowed to vote

Croatia, the SDP staggers after defeat in EU elections

03/06/2014 -  Drago Hedl Osijek

Crushing defeat for the Social Democrats of Prime minister Milanović. The HDZ, currently in opposition, ranks first party in the country