From 22 to 25 May the European citizens will choose the next MEPs. For the first time, these elections will also help to determine who the president of the European Commission will be. Our dossier in the frame of the BeEU project, with a special focus on the South East Europe member states

In Depth

Romania, European elections copy-paste

29/04/2014 -  Mihaela Iordache

Many of the 32 European Parliament seats available for Romania will be re-occupied, in all probability, by the very outgoing MEPs. There is poor political turnover in a country which is looking to Europe with an eye on November's presidential elections

European Elections in Cyprus: United by Disinterest

30/04/2014 -  Francesco Grisolia

All the citizens of Cyprus, whether in the north or the south, could theoretically vote in the European elections. But this will not happen. The Greek Cypriots are showing scarce interest, while the Turkish-Cypriots are restricted by voting regulations

European elections in Greece: the search for Ulysses

08/04/2014 -  Gilda Lyghounis

In Greece, European and local elections will be held together. Many voters are undecided and, according to polls, the new political formation To Potami (The River) is on the rise

The Croatian Right at the European Elections

09/04/2014 -  Giovanni Vale

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) will be presenting itself for the European elections with a pro-European program and a Euro-skeptic alliance, hoping to win 5 of the 11 seats allotted for Zagreb

The 2014 European elections: a handbook

31/03/2014 -  Nicola Pedrazzi

In May 2014, 507 million Europeans will be called to the polls. Yet, understanding the role and mechanisms of the European institutions is hardly easy: a handbook

Bulgaria, The European Elections Will Be Revelatory

10/03/2014 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

The upcoming European elections (May 25, 2014) in Bulgaria will take place in the wake of a period of significant social and political tension. For this reason, many observers believe that they will offer a meaningful referendum on the current, and controversial, center-left government

Croatia: the great European Parliament battle

13/02/2014 -  Drago Hedl Osijek

In Croatia, the battle for a seat in Strasbourg and Brussels has already begun. With surprises