Articles by Ilcho Cvetanoski

Macedonia, detention and censorship

21/11/2016 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski

Censorship in Macedonia: the controversial case of Zoran Bozinovski, a journalist charged with criminal conspiracy, espionage and extortion, arrested in April 2016 and still in detention, while waiting for is trial to eventually start

Macedonia, establishment and crisis

16/08/2016 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski Skopje

Institutional crisis in Macedonia: outcome of corrupt and authoritarian politicians, or by-product of the country's political system? A commentary by our correspondent

Macedonia: the media struggle

26/05/2016 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski

The media sector in Macedonia is increasingly becoming a battlefield in the struggle between government and the opposition

Macedonia: SOS Ohrid

11/02/2016 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski

The town and lake Ohrid are endangered by a vast urbanization plan, which is opposed by local citizens and international scholars

Macedonia: protecting the Šar Planina

08/01/2016 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski Tetovo

The Šar Planina mountains are one of the richest biodiversity areas in the Balkans, but they are not protected. The project of a Natural Park could change the picture

Journalism in Macedonia: the awful truth

17/08/2015 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski Skopje

The case of a journalist assaulted twice in less than 24 hours leads to distressing conclusions on the state of the media in the country

Macedonia: last stop towards fortress Europe

30/06/2015 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski

The path of the migrants towards the EU is full of risks. Following the Balkan route, the 200 km crossing Macedonia can be the most deadly. Our report

Macedonia: an exit strategy

22/05/2015 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski

In the aftermath of the Skopje rallies, internal talks supported by EU and US diplomacy are trying to draft an exit strategy to the crisis

Macedonia, after Kumanovo

19/05/2015 -  Ilcho Cvetanoski

Macedonia is trying to deal with the recent armed clashes in the city of Kumanovo. The debate focuses on pan-Albanian nationalism, but the government is also suspected of an attempt to distract the public from its scandals