Articles by Tsai Mali

Albania: the theatre of politics

10/04/2018 -  Tsai Mali

According to the umpteenth architectural project of the Rama government, the building housing the National Theatre risks demolition. Once again, the history and memory of the country are in danger. A comment

Clueless and ranting: the press according to Edi Rama

09/11/2017 -  Tsai Mali Tirana

With the eyes of the public still on the judicial troubles of the former Interior Minister Tahiri, Prime Minister Rama is back to attacking the press, confirming the ambiguous relationship between Albanian media and politics

Albania: new government, old drill

05/09/2017 -  Tsai Mali

Confirmations, continuity and little innovation in Tirana's new socialist government, increasingly resembling its leader Edi Rama

Agreement reached, Albania will vote on June 25th

06/06/2017 -  Tsai Mali

Finally, socialists and democrats found an agreement that will allow regular elections to take place. But at what price? And is the situation really back to "normal"? A comment

Albania, the justice reform

04/08/2016 -  Tsai Mali

The justice reform, approved on July 21st, amends as many as 45 articles of the Albanian Constitution. Citizens, however, still know little about it