Articles by Sven Milekić

Croatia's extremists: when life gives you no future, make scapegoats

23/07/2020 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

A part of Croatia's youth turns to right-wing extremism targeting ethnic and sexual minorities, migrants, and women. They do so in search of their role in a nationalist society where there is a shortage of opportunities, but an abundance of scapegoats

Croatian-language Wikipedia: when the extreme right rewrites history

27/09/2018 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

Croatian-language Wikipedia supports revisionist and negationist ideas, in particular the Jasenovac concentration camp, which it defines as a simple "labour camp"

Dejan Jović: Croatia must rethink its foreign policy

04/07/2018 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

Dejan Jović, professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Zagreb and Balkans expert, analyses the record of Croatia's membership in the EU, marked in his view by the intensification of nationalist rhetoric and the absence of a clear foreign policy.

Croatian citizens are indifferent about the EU

26/06/2018 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

Paul Stubbs, British sociologist at the Institute of Economics in Zagreb, lives in Croatia for 25 years and claims, supported by figures, that Croatia did not benefit the EU membership, while its citizens remain indifferent on the issue

Viktor Ivančić: media, democracy, and politics

13/03/2017 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

All-out interview with Viktor Ivančić, one of the founders of the legendary weekly Feral Tribune. The media in Croatia, the Balkans, and former Yugoslavia. The risks for democracy

Rajko Grlić: "Films are like acupuncture"

20/12/2016 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

Director Rajko Grlić is the author, together with writer and columnist Ante Tomić, of a film that has become a smash in southeast Europe. Four characters and an exam on the Constitution. Interview

Croatia: radio and tv under the blows of the conservatives

22/07/2016 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

A month after the fall of the government, right-wing parties remain in control of the Croatian public service, with layoffs and cancellations

Croatia: once upon a time there was Novi List

27/05/2016 -  Sven Milekić Zagabria

Once the bastion of the left-wing press, Novi List this last year made an abrupt turnabout in its editorial orientation, with the dismissal and downgrading of its most well-known columnists

Croatia: the fascist legacy

03/09/2015 -  Sven Milekić Zagreb

An initiative advocating the use of the Ustaša salute ‘Ready for the homeland’ in the Croatian army has caused shock in the local public, indicating the persistence of a fascist legacy in Croatia