Articles by Sielke Kelner

Emilia Sercan, a life under siege

08/03/2023 -  Sielke Kelner

Investigative journalist and university lecturer Emilia Sercan is at the centre of a new smear campaign after revealing that the Interior minister had plagiarised his doctoral thesis. We met her

Transylvania: memories of pickled gherkins

17/02/2023 -  Sielke Kelner

For families who emigrated from Eastern Europe, affection and memory are also handed down through culinary inheritances. Distant and recent memories of a Transylvanian grandmother intertwine remembering Erzsebet's passion for coffee and her lost pickled gherkins recipe

Romania: la libertà di circolazione nella periferia d’Europa

23/12/2022 -  Sielke Kelner

Per i cittadini romeni il mancato ingresso in Schengen ha un forte impatto simbolico: ennesima esclusione che arriva dall'Europa e tragico ricordo a quando erano prigionieri all'interno del loro stesso paese

Romania: plagiarism, a gateway to corruption

19/12/2022 -  Sielke Kelner

In this conversation with Emilia Șercan, investigative journalist and senior lecturer at the University of Bucharest, we explored the state of the art of Romanian journalism and reflected upon the different meanings of plagiarism in a country where corruption remains rampant

Against SLAPPs, the first European conference

07/11/2022 -  Sielke Kelner

The first European conference for the fight against SLAPPs, also known as gag or reckless complaints, was held in Strasbourg on 20 October, organised by the European Center for Press and Media Freedom and the Coalition against SLAPP in Europe. The report of the event