Articles by Antonela Riha

Serbia: the prime minister's child

01/03/2019 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

The fact that the Serbian prime minister recently had a child from her partner does not make her legally a parent. In fact, Serbia lacks a law on same-sex marriages. Could this be the chance?

Serbia: Hitler, caricature artist and media freedom

21/11/2018 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

The media situation in Serbia continues to deteriorate. Recent events show that government repression of few remaining non-aligned media has become routine. According to RWB, Serbia has the worst media situation in all the Balkans

Serbia: the case of journalist Stefan Cvetković and the absence of institutions

22/06/2018 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

A journalist disappeared, and then was back after days of searches. Public opinion and fellow information professionals held their breath, while the weakness of institutions was exposed

Serbia: the safety of journalists outside the state's sphere of competence

19/02/2018 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

Since the beginning of this year, fifteen journalists have suffered threats and attacks. Representatives of the authorities say that they condemn such attacks, but reject any responsibility for the pressures to which journalists in Serbia are exposed on a daily basis

Mladic's verdict: Serbia refuses to look to the past

29/11/2017 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

Few media in Serbia have focused on the motivation of the life sentence for Ratko Mladić. Few words about the crimes committed by the former commander, as if the past had never existed

Serbia, the state against independent media

28/09/2017 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

First the closure of the weekly Novine Vranjske and the hunger strike of its director, then the Defense minister's attack against the investigative portal Krik. Hard times for independent media in Serbia

Serbia: the video that Vučić failed to hide

07/08/2017 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

Media not aligned with the regime are still under pressure in Serbia. Recently, President Vučić has targeted TV channel N1 for broadcasting exclusive videos that he would rather have hidden

Serbia: journalists attacked during Vučić's inauguration

21/06/2017 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

During the inauguration ceremony of the new Serbian president, some journalists were attacked and prevented from doing their job. An analysis

Serbia: the coronation of the new president

09/06/2017 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

On May 31st, Aleksandar Vučić left the position of prime minister to become head of state, with a ceremony that reminded many of a coronation

Serbia: the moral damage of the Interior Minister

16/01/2017 -  Antonela Riha Belgrado

Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović sued the weekly NIN and won the case for moral damages as a result of a cover dedicated to Savamala scandal

Serbia, censorship according to Aleksandar Vučić

01/08/2016 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

An exhibition organised by the Serbian Progressive Party of Prime Minister Vučić tries to counter criticism about censorship in the Serbian media. The effect, however, is that of a blacklist

Serbia, Vučić against RTV

01/06/2016 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

Thousands of citizens protested in Novi Sad for the dismissal of some managing editors of Radio Television Vojvodina, one of the last media that resisted government control

Serbia: journalists on the streets

20/01/2016 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

Journalists protest all over Serbia. The Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, says it as an attempt to destabilize the government, and calls for early elections

Serbia: the beginning and end of Radio B92

27/07/2015 -  Antonela Riha Belgrade

On July 9th, the owners of B92, Belgrade's historic radio and bastion of resistance to Milošević's power in the nineties, introduced drastic changes, ultimately turning off a myth of the Serbian media