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EULEX, looking for a perfect middle

31/08/2009 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

The Kosovo government is having their first major disagreement with EULEX over the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo intention, announced in August, to sign a protocol with Serbian police as part of regional cooperation to fight organized crime

Kosovo's costly World Bank membership

20/07/2009 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

Membership in the World Bank costs Kosovo greatly because it must pay its portion of the old Yugoslav debt. As outlined by the Ahtisaari plan, membership comes despite Kosovo not receiving any assets deriving from the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Belgrade's continuing politics to pay Kosovo's foreign debt, as part of Serbia's general debt, is breaking down

Fighting to preserve press freedom

07/07/2009 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

Investigative journalism in Kosovo? Someone is trying, not without difficulties. The case of the TV programme "Jeta në Kosovë" and threats to journalist Jeta Xharra stir the debate within institutions and the public opinion

'Gastarbeiter' economy

14/05/2009 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

The Central Bank of Kosovo warns that the remittances are falling as the diaspora starts to feel the effects of the global economic crisis. Kosovo's diaspora has a long tradition of sending money home because of strong family ties, a practice developed because of Kosovo's difficult political and social environment during the last decades

The hard path

06/05/2009 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

Together with some fellow journalists, Altin Raxhimi, an Albanian freelance reporter, took the hard path to disclose the truth on KLA detention camps, allegedly established in Albania and Kosovo during the 1999 war. An exclusive interview for Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

Exclusion and inclusion

21/04/2009 -  Irene Dioli

''The decline in economic growth will be more effective in raising poverty rates than the 6 years of growth just passed was in reducing them''. An interview with Paul Stubbs, author of an independet study for the European Commission on social inclusion in the Western Balkans

Ten years down the road

30/03/2009 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

Bombers crossed the sky by night and thousands of desperate people gathered at the borders by day. In Macedonia, at the time of the conflict in Kosovo, the smell of war was in the air. Back then, for most people in the country, it was as close as they had ever been to war in their lives

Gjakova, story of an anniversary

24/03/2009 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

From the very beginning of the Nato campaign in March 1999, the city of Gjakova in western Kosovo became a city under siege and had to deal with reprisals by Serbian army and police. Its inhabitants remember those days

The encounter

20/03/2009 -  Marjola Rukaj

It was 1999 and refugees from Kosovo began to pour into a disoriented and torn-apart Albania. The 1999 crisis was a human drama, but it was also an occasion for two communities, divided for decades, to come together and tear down some national-romantic myths

Fast and furious

12/03/2009 -  Veton Kasapolli Pristina

Pristina's population has increased from around 100,000 in 1981, to an estimated 500,000 today. The city's turbulent growth has been marked by a frenetic building activity without any planning. This model of development is now being questioned

Macedonia Recognises Kosovo

13/10/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

After the big vote in the UN General Assembly, the Macedonian Government recognized Kosovo. Despite the bitter reactions of Belgrade, Skopje thinks its decision will strengthen peace and stability in the region

(When) Will Macedonia Recognize Kosovo?

03/10/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

Some of Macedonia's international partners that support Kosovo's independence, recently reminded Macedonia that it is expected to recognise Pristina. The Albanian political parties in Macedonia are also strongly advocating recognition, yet the government exercises restraint

Between Dialogue and Transition

30/09/2008 -  Francesco Martino

The role of the UN mission after Kosovo's declaration of independence, the relationship with the European mission EULEX, the dialogue process with Belgrade and Pristina, the situation in the area north of Mitrovica. An exclusive interview with Lamberto Zannier, new head of UNMIK

A Question to the Court

25/08/2008 -  Danijela Nenadić Belgrado

Is Kosovo's independence in accord with international law? This is the question that, subject to prior approval by the UN General Assembly, Serbia decided to address to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the supreme judicial body of the United Nations

A Question to the Court

25/08/2008 -  Danijela Nenadić Belgrado

Is Kosovo's independence in accord with international law? This is the question that, subject to prior approval by the UN General Assembly, Serbia decided to address to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the supreme judicial body of the United Nations

The Exception Belgrade didn't see

27/06/2008 -  André Cunha

Few real exchanges of experiences occur between Belgrade and Pristina. One of the few recent attempts to break the isolation was "Exception", a retrospective of the contemporary art scene in Pristina. The exhibition ran in Novi Sad, but not in Belgrade, where extremist protestors violently obstructed it

Powering the New Kosovo

27/06/2008 -  V. Kasapolli Pristina

Kosovo suffers from a chronic lack of energy. To overcome the power shortage, the government gambled on the "Kosovo C" project, a coal-based power station expected to start production in 2015. What is most needed now, though, are a wide public debate and a clear development strategy in the energy sector

EULEX inside UNMIK, too late?

23/04/2008 -  André Cunha Pristina

Major General Raul Cunha, Chief Military Liaison Officer of UNMIK, is very critical towards the "incoherence of the Western international community" in Kosovo. He focuses his criticisms on the way EULEX is preparing to start its work and argues that the UN will have to stay longer, at least in Serb-dominated areas

Indipendence Day, Macedonia stays calm

21/02/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

In the few days following Kosovo's declaration of independence, Macedonia remains calm. But for how long? February 17 was greeted differently by the country's two major communities. Whereas Macedonians exercised restraint, Albanians rejoiced

Macedonia Silent Ahead of Kosovo Declaration of Independence

14/02/2008 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

Ahead of Kosovo's declaration of independence, which is by all accounts only days away, Macedonia is seemingly at ease. Nothing indicates heightened concern or tension. Strategic silence or silence due to lack of strategy?

Behxhet Pacolli: with an eye to the east

21/11/2007 -  Francesco Martino Pristina

Behxhet Pacolli is one of the richest businessmen in Kosovo. After creating an empire in the construction industry, in Russia as well as in some other ex-soviet republics, today he's the leader of the third political party in Kosovo, the "Coalition for a New Kosovo". Our correspondent met him after Saturday's elections

Kosovo's economy, many myths to dismantle

13/11/2007 -  Francesco Martino Pristina

Even when the status issue will be solved, economic development and foreign capital investment in Kosovo will not be automatic, but they will come only thanks to an effective policy, which up to now is still absent. An interview with Safet Gerxhaliu, of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.

Macedonia and Kosovo, partition rises tension

07/09/2007 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

Buzz of a possible partition of Kosovo rises new worries about Macedonia's stability, while new signs of tension are witnessed in the region, even if the authorities in Skopje claim that, at the moment, there are no immediate threats to the national security

Kosovo, no longer and not yet

11/05/2007 -  Anonymous User

Since 1999, Kosovo has been experiencing an "interval in time which is altogether determined by things that are no longer and by things that are not yet. In history, these intervals have shown more than once that they may contain the moment of truth". The question is how to face this moment of truth, and it is tightly linked to standards and status

Macedonia's Border with Kosovo

11/05/2006 -  Risto Karajkov Skopje

A last round of public disquiet over the border issue between Macedonia and Kosovo seems appeased with yesterday's visit to Skopje of Kosovo Prime Minister Mr. Agim Ceku. The border issue is of technical nature, they agreed, and it cannot disrupt neighborly relations