8 April 2014

Serbian journalist  Radislava Dada Vujasinovic, freelancer and contributor to the Belgrade magazine Duga, was murdered 20 years ago, on 8 April 1994.  Till today no one was arrested

Link: Seemo 

She was found dead in her apartment in Belgrade. The police ruled it in 1994 a suicide, but most evidence disputes this.  From January 2009 this case is regarded as murder case.

When Dada Vujasinović’s family, after the end of the Milosevic-regime in 2000, insisted on carrying out a new investigation, the police first stated that it lost evidence. Then, an expert had determined that the police hadn’t done their job properly.

Dada Vujasinovic covered as reporter the early stages of conflicts and war n former Yugoslavia, as also criminal activity in Serbia. In the first years of the war in former Yugoslavia, she visited frequently front lines, but also the city of Sarajevo while it was under siege. 

SEEMO urges the Serbian authorities to bring to justice the killers of Dada Vujasinovic.


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