Cross-border programmes, starting over together

Many cross-border programmes have involved territories in South-Eastern Europe, often scarred by history. EU cohesion policy has been and still is an opportunity to strengthen dialogue. We went to see how things are going on the ground



REPORTAGE Rivers of the Balkans: the Kupa and barbed wire

Giovanni Vale | 21/12/2022

Second episode of our reportage along the Kupa. The shock of the border in 1991, the shock of barbed wire in 2015. Yet, some are not giving up

HEALTHCARE Serbia and Bulgaria: across the border, against postural disorders

Alice Facchini | 15/6/2022

Back muscle dysfunctions and imbalances are on the rise in our society. Serbia and Bulgaria have decided to address the issue, starting with children and young people, thanks to a cross-border project

MOBILITY Trains in Romania: the last hopes lie in the PNRR

Mihaela Iordache | 14/6/2022

Poor infrastructure, little maintenance. The Romanian railways are in bad shape even though the network is among the longest in Europe. Will the local PNRR reverse course?

TRAVELLING Cycling in the Amazon of Europe

Marco Ranocchiari | 24/5/2022

The Amazon of Europe bike trail makes it possible to cycle over 1000 km along a cycle path that winds between rivers and forests, from Austria to Serbia

ECONOMY Wood for heating: REGEA's challenge, between ecological transition and regional development

Nicola Zordan | 24/5/2022

The Croatian Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) has been working for several years along the cross-border area between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the dual objective of decarbonising the region and creating a competitive local market. “Environmental issues know no border”, says REGEA's Tamara Lisnjic Lang

ENVIRONMENT United against plastic in the protected areas of the Mediterranean

Marco Ranocchiari | 10/5/2022

Scientific research and good practices. These are the two main elements that for some years have brought together researchers and volunteers from Italy, Spain, Greece, Albania, Croatia, and Slovenia in the fight to safeguard the protected natural areas of the Mediterranean from plastics

EUROPEAN UNION Croatia and Serbia, the advantages of a good neighbourhood policy

Belgrade | Nicola Dotto | 24/2/2022

Dozens of projects, hundreds of partners involved, nine cross-border regions thinking together about their future. A review of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme between Croatia and Serbia

ENVIRONMENT Italy-Slovenia: the ecological link

Serena Epis | 1/3/2022

Between Italy and Slovenia there are two natural parks that have been in dialogue for years. We interviewed Antonio Andrich, director of the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park

AGRICULTURE Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia together, to save the chestnut trees

Nicola Zordan | 22/2/2022

A few years ago, a pest disease of chestnut trees began to spread along the border region between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The response given through the "Chestnut" project has shown that a cross-border approach to solving common problems is needed

Dinalpconnect: environmental protection beyond borders


The Julian Prealps Regional Natural Park and the nearby Triglav National Park have collaborated for years. Among the recent joint projects, Dinalpconnect aims to create ecological continuity between the Dinaric mountains and the Alps

ECONOMY Greek investments in Bulgaria: what will happen after Covid-19?

Nicola Zordan | 20/1/2022

A seminar discussed regional relations in Europe during the pandemic, with Greece-Bulgaria relations among the case studies. But local-scale data would be needed to fully understand the situation, said Nicolas Rossignol of the ESPON programme, and there are few available

BORDER REGIONS Italy-Slovenia: the cross-border train and buses

Editors | 23/12/2021

Hundreds of kilometres of border, and for years no public transport lines crossing it. Some cross-border Interreg projects dedicated to sustainable mobility have reversed the course

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