Connected and cohesive

Digitisation also opens up new possibilities for relaunching economic and social growth in the areas where it is most struggling. A fast, accessible connection can make it possible to launch projects and sell products or services even from a small village and to counter depopulation. How have cohesion funds fostered the development of the digital economy? What else is needed for the ecosystem to actually work?


Balkans: slow Internet and unspent cohesion funds

Ornaldo Gjergji | 23/8/2022

The Balkan countries are struggling to keep up with the rest of Europe in terms of Internet connection speed. The only exception is Romania, which - not surprisingly - is the country in the area that is best able to spend cohesion funds on ICT

ECONOMY Digital Balkans: a priority in European cohesion policy

Klaudijo Klaser | 17/2/2022

To what extent is the Internet used in South-East Europe? In what condition is the digital infrastructure? An overview

EUROPEAN UNION Romania: Ciugud, European funds make a difference

Mihaela Iordache | 6/2/2022

Ciugud, in Transylvania, is the Romanian municipality with the most investments per capita in European funds. Let's discover this phenomenon, in contrast to national data

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