EU cohesion policy and 6 South-Eastern European countries: figures, factsheets, and qualitative analyses to show the results achieved to date - and what remains to be done 



DATA EU: cohesion and depopulation

Newsroom | 19/1/2023

In the whole of South-Eastern Europe, the data on depopulation are dramatic and require urgent reflections. In the rest of Europe the trend is less negative, but remains alarming

SUSTAINABILITY European cities, the frontier of cohesion

Gentiola Madhi | 22/12/2022

How to ensure that cities are places of rights and quality of life and not of division and marginalisation? European institutions, through cohesion policy, are trying to find solutions

EUROPEAN UNION The EU cohesion policy has been allocated 392 billion Euros for 2021-2027: ready to go?

Gentiola Madhi | 2/9/2022

Over the past year, many EU countries have signed partnership agreements with the European Commission for cohesion. What is it about? How are the countries of Southeast Europe doing?

EUROPEAN UNION Cohesion policies in Europe: 31.5 billion Euros for Romania

Laura Girardi | 25/8/2022

18 EU countries, including Romania, have already signed a partnership agreement with the European Commission for cohesion funds. Now the country can work on individual programmes

SOLIDARITY Cohesion funds: what do they do for migrants and refugees?

Klaudijo Klaser | 21/4/2022

With the EU facing the challenge of giving shelter to millions of displaced people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, it is useful to see what, in the context of cohesion policies, has been done on the issue of reception and development in recent years

RIGHTS EU cohesion: the great erasure of gender equality

Gentiola Madhi | 11/1/2022

The pandemic has accentuated the gender inequalities existing in the EU member states. Things were never great, but an analysis of the last financial period 2014-2020 of cohesion policies highlights how little has been done in this field



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