Can work be green in the East too?

What opportunities will the European Green Deal create in the coming years? Will some of Europe's most marginal territories be able to use their potential in terms of sustainable development? Will the green transition leave social waste and destroy jobs or can biological farming, sustainable tourism, and teleworking from rural areas be concrete visions of the future? 


REPORTAGE Plitvice: the care of a park

Plitvice | Nicole Corritore | 15/12/2022

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the Plitvice Lakes Park located in Croatia on the border with Bosnia Herzegovina, with its 300 sq km of surface area, is an exceptional European natural area. The biodiversity of its habitats and its overall ecosystem need constant protection interventions. A reportage

WORK4FUTURE European Cohesion Funds and environmental sustainability in the Balkans

Klaudijo Klaser | 27/9/2022

In the last seven-year period of European cohesion funds, many billions of Euros have already been allocated to environmental protection. 9 went to the EU countries of South East Europe

Soon to be announced the winners of the first EU Organic Awards

Martin Galvanetto | 19/9/2022

The winners of the new European competition for the promotion of organic farming will be announced this week. Among the possible winners, a Croatian farmer and a Bulgarian town

Slovenia: shaping the future sustainability of mountain areas

Gentiola Madhi | 4/8/2022

Cohesion funds can generate a new momentum for the development of mountain areas in Slovenia. Two out of five policy objectives in force until 2027 provide an important financial stimulus to improve public services and life quality of local communities, while preserving nature

ECONOMY Montana174: stories of mountains and cooperation

Pietro Casa | 31/5/2022

The Montana174 project shared a series of video testimonials on how the support of the European Union through cohesion policies has made a difference for many who live in the mountains

TRAVELLING Cycling in the Amazon of Europe

Marco Ranocchiari | 24/5/2022

The Amazon of Europe bike trail makes it possible to cycle over 1000 km along a cycle path that winds between rivers and forests, from Austria to Serbia

ECONOMY Wood for heating: REGEA's challenge, between ecological transition and regional development

Nicola Zordan | 24/5/2022

The Croatian Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) has been working for several years along the cross-border area between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the dual objective of decarbonising the region and creating a competitive local market. “Environmental issues know no border”, says REGEA's Tamara Lisnjic Lang

REPORTAGE Croatia: thinking with your feet

Giovanni Vale | 29/3/2022

Their father used to produce shoes, but Domagoj and Hrvoje have led the family business into a green, sustainable turn

INTERVIEW Green networks in the Balkans

Serena Epis | 10/3/2022

Protection of birdlife, ecological corridors that connect the Dinaric area to the Alps, sharing of good practices: the ecological association BIOM talks about its many years of experience and the creation of green networks in the region

ECONOMY From Norway to Romania: we want to stay in the mountains

Davide Sighele | 8/3/2022

2022 has been proclaimed by the United Nations "International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development". For the occasion, the Euromontana association promoted an interesting survey among young European mountain people

ENVIRONMENT Italy-Slovenia: the ecological link

Serena Epis | 1/3/2022

Between Italy and Slovenia there are two natural parks that have been in dialogue for years. We interviewed Antonio Andrich, director of the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park

AGRICULTURE Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia together, to save the chestnut trees

Nicola Zordan | 22/2/2022

A few years ago, a pest disease of chestnut trees began to spread along the border region between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The response given through the "Chestnut" project has shown that a cross-border approach to solving common problems is needed

Dinalpconnect: environmental protection beyond borders


The Julian Prealps Regional Natural Park and the nearby Triglav National Park have collaborated for years. Among the recent joint projects, Dinalpconnect aims to create ecological continuity between the Dinaric mountains and the Alps

COOPERATION Adriatic-Ionian Region: in search of ecological corridors

Maria Francesca Rita | 27/1/2022

Green infrastructure, ecological corridors. What are they and how could they contribute to improving the environment in the Adriatic-Ionian region? We talked about it with Senad Oprasic, head of the environmental protection department of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and coordinator of one of the thematic areas of EUSAIR

The breath of the Danube


In the Danube basin, climate change is expected to further increase the risk of flooding, especially in the former floodplains, which were drained and cut off from the river to allow human settlement and agriculture. An Interreg project is proposing the restoration of part of this area

ENVIRONMENT Starting afresh from biodiversity, from the Netherlands to Slovenia

Redazione | 20/12/2021

The "Week of Cities and Regions" discussed biodiversity and sustainability starting from the experiences of two European territories

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