Adriatic, tourism and more

Along the coasts of the Adriatic there are numerous territories involved in EU cohesion policies and other European initiatives such as the Adriatic Ionian Region. What does Europe mean for the sustainable development of Adriatic communities?

SEAS European macro-regions: digitalisation and data sharing for safer and more sustainable maritime transport

Serena Epis | 17/3/2022

Digitalisation and technological innovation are key to the development of the European maritime industry. Digital services for communicating data and information are increasingly essential to ensure better connectivity and safer, more sustainable navigation in European waters

RESOURCES Water, a common plan for the two shores of the Adriatic

Marco Ranocchiari | 22/3/2022

"The Adriatic is the final common destination of the waters of the whole region, and therefore must be safeguarded with a common method and as a common good". The CrossWater project looks to the two Adriatic shores and the sustainable management of water services

COOPERATION Adriatic-Ionian Region: in search of ecological corridors

Maria Francesca Rita | 27/1/2022

Green infrastructure, ecological corridors. What are they and how could they contribute to improving the environment in the Adriatic-Ionian region? We talked about it with Senad Oprasic, head of the environmental protection department of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and coordinator of one of the thematic areas of EUSAIR

ECONOMY Tourism in Croatia: the contribution of European cohesion policies

Klaudijo Klaser | 18/1/2022

Between 2014 and 2020, a significant portion of the funds granted by the EU cohesion policy in Croatia went on training, with numerous projects focused on the tourism sector

REPORTAGE The other Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik | Giovanni Vale | 22/12/2021

There is a district located just outside the historical centre of Dubrovnik which offers a valid alternative to big luxury city hotels. It is the industrial area of Gruz, with its old Carbon Graphite Products Factory (TUP), which young local creatives have transformed into a vibrant space thanks to EU funds

REGIONS OF EUROPE Cooperation between territories to relaunch enlargement to the Western Balkans

Serena Epis | 4/1/2022

How can the macro-regional strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) facilitate enlargement to the Western Balkans? This was discussed in a webinar last October

ENVIRONMENT Sharing knowledge to protect the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea

Serena Epis | 13/12/2021

"Candidate countries for EU accession work really hard and they have the knowledge, but the experience of partner institutions from EU members is invaluable". When transnational networks help European integration. An interview

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