The project WINNING THE NARRATIVE. Reclaiming spaces, building new narratives addresses the issue of the shrinking spaces of action for civil society with an approach focused on building "new narratives" on the themes of solidarity and reception.

In Italy, humanitarian organisations engaged in relief at sea in ​​the Mediterranean and NGOs active in the reception sector have been subject to a defamation and criminalisation campaign to discredit them in the eyes of public opinion. Nonetheless, most Italians still experience feelings of empathy, compassion, and solidarity with foreigners.

Against this backdrop, how can the vision of an inclusive, open society be effectively conveyed and a new image restored to the world of solidarity and its protagonists?



The project WINNING THE NARRATIVE is supported by Civitates and realized with CILD, the Good Lobby and OBCT. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Osservatorio Balcani e CaucasoTranseuropa.