On November 16, OBC organized in Bergamo the international conference "Becoming Europe". Find all the contributions in video

Becoming Europe - Second part

Becoming Europe - Round table

The homepage   Becoming Europe



Giuliano BERNINI, Deputy-Rector for international relations, University of Bergamo
Franco TENTORIO, Mayor of Bergamo
Fabrizio SPADA, Director, Representative office of the European Commission in Milan 
Patrizia GRAZIANI, Manager, Bergamo territorial Unit for Education

PANEL I - The anti-war activism in the Balkans

chair: Luisa CHIODI, Scientific director, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

Andrea VALESINI, Journalist, L'Eco di Bergamo
Marco ABRAM, Researcher, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso
Vesna JANKOVIĆ, Researcher, University of Zagreb

PANEL II - The EU enlargement: open issues

chair: Stefania GANDOLFI, Unesco Chair, University of Bergamo

Ioanna KUÇURADI, Unesco Chair, University of Maltepe, Turkey
Tim JUDAH, Journalist, The Economist
Andrea Lorenzo CAPUSSELA, Economist, European Union Advisor

ROUND TABLE - Missing Europe

chair: Luigi RIVA, Foreign affairs editor, L'Espresso

Pia LOCATELLI, Member of the Italian Parliament, President of Zaninoni Foundation
Ettore SEQUI, Ambassador of the European Union to Albania 
Aleksandra MIJALKOVIĆ, Journalist, Politika, Serbia
Michele NARDELLI, President of the Trentino Forum for Peace and Human Rights
Michele BRUNELLI, Unesco Chair, University of Bergamo


Gian Gabriele VERTOVA, Deputy President of Fondazione Serughetti La Porta


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