Marzia Bona 15 June 2017
Costas Efimeros in Rovereto, November 2015

Last Tuesday, Greece lost a brave journalist and citizen. The Greek journalist Costas Efimeros died, following a heart attack, at the age of 42

Founder and tireless animator of ThePressProject 's information portal, Costas had collaborated with OBC on the project on media freedom.

A collaboration during which we had one only opportunity to meet him personally: in that context, Costas had proved himself an unmatched animator of the spirit of collaboration. Pugnacious, he incited all of us to pursue with tenacity the task we had given ourselves: to inform the public about the situation of media in Europe. To this and many other crucial debates for his country and for Europe, Costas has contributed professionally and passionately.

We remind him by sharing the result of one of his many efforts: the documentary Debtocracy , that he contributed to as a producer in 2011.

Goodbye Costas!


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