17 November 2017

Lately, in Romania, there have been more cases of journalists who have left the newspapers or televisions where they worked, many accusing editorial pressures. Cătălin Prisacariu, a well-known investigative journalist and member of the Romanian Investigative Journalism Center , is one of them. In an interview for Dilema Veche he stated that every time he left a news paper or a TV station it was “due to political and economic reasons”. “In the middle there was censorship, of lesser or greater magnitude - he stated. I am not at all good in masking the frustration of censorship, and I have never been able to stay when something was imposed to me, or when my investigations were not published. The problem is that when you have almost twenty years spent in the press system and you leave every place for these reasons, you realize in which kind of press institutions you worked.”

Dilema Veche: read the full article in Romanian