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turn left at the second set of traffic lights once you reach Pale on the Sarajevo-Pale road where you see the sign “Sarajevo 16km”. You can see the Romanija above the centre of Pale. After another 400m turn right at the next traffic lights and follow the road for about 3.5kms in the direction of Podvelez. Near a house with a wooden and concrete fence turn left into a wide stoney road which then becomes asphalted for about 4.5kms. This asphalt runs out near an Ottoman fountain called “Careve Vode”. From here you park the car and go along a rough track for about 500m until you get to a large clearing.

At the opening of this clearing take a path on the left which is marked by red and white tree markings. Follow these markings until you get to the remains of the mountain refuge hut Slaviša Vajner "Čiča", which is about 30 minutes from the fountain. Pass the refuge to the left along a steep path. After about 10 minutes you reach another clearing called “Novakova Poljana”. There are clear blue and white markings from here for both “Novakova Pećina” and “Novakovo Vrelo”. Following these signs you soon arrive at an equipped path which you follow to the end. When the metal wire finishes you can continue under the rock towards the “Zub”, a pronounced rock pilaster separate from the rock face. You return along the same route as you came.


almost 3 to 4 hours.


 the metal way is fairly exposed and you may use metal way equipment for extra safety. Climbers wishing to do some routes should first consult local climbing guides.

Useful Contacts:

Scorpio Outdoors&Adventure Agency www.scorpio.ba

Viaggiare i Balcani Association www.viaggiareibalcani.it

Bosnia and Herzegovina Tourism Agency www.bhtourism.ba

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