Articles by Valentina Vivona

Equality, you know what I mean?

04/12/2019 -  Valentina Vivona

Over the last twenty years, European directives have facilitated the creation of equality bodies. The majority of these institutions are still not very familiar to European citizens, but there are some exceptions in south-eastern countries

Political theatre in Kosovo: a fight on many fronts

12/11/2019 -  Valentina Vivona Lyon

An interview to playwright Jeton Neziraj on the power of political theatre, on Kosovo-Serbia relations, on the recent EU enlargement veto, and much more

Albania: rotta contraria

15/07/2019 -  Valentina Vivona

Chi sono i ragazzi albanesi dei call center? E cosa pensano dei colleghi italiani – che hanno intrapreso la “rotta contraria”, dall’Italia all’Albania, in cerca di lavoro? E qual è il mondo – e l’idea di mondo – che si muove grazie a loro ma soprattutto dietro di loro? Un'intervista a Stefano Grossi, regista del documentario "Rotta contraria"

Free trade as a scapesheep

28/03/2019 -  Valentina Vivona

Romania has emerged as one of the targets of dairy farmers' protests in Sardinia. But the figures show that Romanian exports are not to blame for the sheep milk crisis

Cyprus: words matter

02/10/2018 -  Valentina Vivona

Death threats, a petition, protests. Last July, in Cyprus, a glossary for journalism published by the OSCE sparked a furious debate

Dossier: Freedom of the press in Bulgaria

03/05/2018 -  Nicola PedrazziFazıla MatValentina Vivona

Dangerous entanglements between media, politics and business in the country in charge of the Presidency of the Council of the EU

Media in Bulgaria: euphoria, crisis and corruption

02/05/2018 -  Valentina Vivona

A talk with Dr. Lada Trifonova Price from Sheffield Hallam University on the state of information in Bulgaria, native country of hers on which she has focused her research

Hate speech: what it is and how to contrast it

01/02/2018 -  Marzia BonaIrene DioliLorenzo FerrariFazıla MatNicola PedrazziRossella Vignola Valentina Vivona

As hate speech is being debated more and more both online and offline, we decided to devote a special dossier to it, building on the materials of the Resource Centre on Press and Media Freedom in Europe.

La Trieste delle venderigole

04/10/2017 -  Valentina Vivona

Le venditrici ambulanti e il centro storico di Trieste. Una storia oltre i confini ora raccontata dall'associazione culturale Joseph

Self-made women, from Ukraine to Italy

28/10/2016 -  Elena RisiValentina Vivona

Thousands of high-skilled Ukrainian women living in Italy are offered jobs for which they are over-qualified. But some of them manage to get their title acknowledged