Articles by Marco Ranocchiari

A national park for the Vjosa, the last wild river in Europe

23/06/2022 -  Marco Ranocchiari

On June 13 the Albanian government committed to establishing a National Park dedicated to the Vjosa, the last major European river free from embankments and dams. The decision follows almost ten years of international mobilisation

Cycling in the Amazon of Europe

24/05/2022 -  Marco Ranocchiari

The Amazon of Europe bike trail makes it possible to cycle over 1000 km along a cycle path that winds between rivers and forests, from Austria to Serbia

United against plastic in the protected areas of the Mediterranean

10/05/2022 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Scientific research and good practices. These are the two main elements that for some years have brought together researchers and volunteers from Italy, Spain, Greece, Albania, Croatia, and Slovenia in the fight to safeguard the protected natural areas of the Mediterranean from plastics

Water, a common plan for the two shores of the Adriatic

22/03/2022 -  Marco Ranocchiari

"The Adriatic is the final common destination of the waters of the whole region, and therefore must be safeguarded with a common method and as a common good". The CrossWater project looks to the two Adriatic shores and the sustainable management of water services

"We are losing the Balkan lynx"

01/02/2022 -  Marco Ranocchiari

The results of the latest surveys on the Balkan lynx, present only in the mountains of North Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo, do not bode well for the future of one of the most endangered mammals in Europe

Slovenia: stop alla diga sulla Sava, un fiume però già a pezzi

26/11/2021 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Un tribunale amministrativo della Slovenia ha fermato la costruzione della diga di Mokrice, sulla Sava: il danno ambientale supera di gran lunga i benefici energetici della nuova centrale, fortemente voluta dal governo. Ma nel tratto sloveno del grande fiume molte altre nuove centrali sono in progetto o già costruite

Slovenia: young environmentalists and the pandemic, the unexpected consequences

08/11/2021 -  Marco Ranocchiari

In Slovenia, as in the rest of the world, Covid-19 has upset the dynamics of youth activism, including the environmental one, which was in full swing before the pandemic. Despite the assembly ban, the closed universities, and the economic crisis, environmentalists have achieved a historic referendum victory with another unexpected consequence: to take root in the rural country, traditionally impervious to mobilisations

Slovenia: water has won

14/07/2021 -  Marco Ranocchiari

On Sunday 11 July, with an overwhelming majority — and a high turnout — the Slovenes rejected the new law on water, which would have made it easier to build along the banks of rivers and on the coasts. A heavy defeat for right-wing prime minister Janez Jansa

Slovenia, braccio di ferro sull'acqua

17/05/2021 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Una controversa modifica della legge sull'acqua voluta dal governo renderà più facile costruire lungo le rive dei fiumi e sulla costa. Falliti i tentativi dell'opposizione di bloccare la riforma, agli ambientalisti resta la carta del referendum. Tra gli ecologisti e il ministro dell'Ambiente Andrej Vizjak, accusato di conflitto di interesse per il suo passato nell'idroelettrico, si apre l'ennesimo fronte

Covid-19: the plastic pandemic

28/04/2021 -  Marco Ranocchiari

In Europe, the period 2020-2021 was to mark the turning point in the fight against plastic waste, one of the most urgent problems of our century. Then came the new Coronavirus: with masks, gloves, and anti-contagion packaging, the risk of a step back is increasingly concrete

From Brazil to Bulgaria: the giants we ignore at our peril

09/02/2021 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Tailing ponds are among the largest and most dangerous structures engineered by humanity, but their operation is virtually unknown to those who don’t live in their vicinity. Europe is no less at risk from incidents than the rest of the world

Environment in Southeast Europe: lockdown abuses

23/12/2020 -  Marco Ranocchiari

As the eyes of the whole world are fixed on the pandemic, vigilance over environmental abuse is loosening. A study by the NGO Arnika documents the situation between Central-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and the Balkans

Hydroelectric power in Bosnia: between moratorium and abuse during lockdown

28/07/2020 -  Marco Ranocchiari

To defend the Balkan rivers, it was first necessary to make people aware that they were in danger. An interview with Ulrich Eichelmann, founder of the NGO RiverWatch and one of the coordinators of the campaign Save the Blue Heart of Europe

The village submerged by the Neretva

04/06/2020 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Lisičići, halfway between Mostar and Sarajevo, was submerged by an artificial lake in the 1950s. After nearly 70 years, the inhabitants still await justice. Meanwhile, the village has been reborn, and the lake has become its best ally

2014, six years later: Bosnia and Herzegovina and the floods

21/04/2020 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Six years ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina experienced a catastrophic flood. Today the country remains among the most exposed in all of Europe. Efforts have been made to reduce these risks, but they are often limited to international projects, without local institutions really taking charge of them

Bulgaria: la partita per la gola di Kresna

24/12/2019 -  Marco Ranocchiari

La battaglia ventennale sul tracciato dell'autostrada Sofia - Salonicco, che taglia la più importante area protetta della Bulgaria volge alle battute conclusive nel segno delle contraddizioni dell'UE che condanna la devastazione ambientale, ma finanzia generosamente i lavori. Entro gennaio si dovrà decidere

I terremoti che scuotono i Balcani

28/11/2019 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Il drammatico terremoto in Albania, seguito da altre scosse importanti in Bosnia Erzegovina e Grecia, ci ricorda che la penisola balcanica è tra le zone più sismiche d'Europa

Forests of Europe: a stormy future?

30/10/2019 -  Marco Ranocchiari

A year after the largest storm in Italy’s living memory, we try to measure its impact. This was no isolated incident – European forests are being hit more violently than ever

Bosnia Erzegovina: "Zero", il lago conteso

27/09/2019 -  Marco Ranocchiari

L'abbandono di una miniera a Vareš, cittadina di montagna della Bosnia, ha portato un regalo inatteso: un lago dalle limpide acque. Quando il progetto di farne un sito di prova per nuove tecnologie minerarie ha minacciato di trasformarlo, è diventato teatro di una lotta per i beni comuni

Pollution: if emergency becomes routine in Bosnia

26/07/2019 -  Marco Ranocchiari

One a few days after the other, two independent reports show the extremely serious level of industrial pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to activists, the inefficiency of old plants combines with that of institutions, which provide incomplete, partial data. Thus emergency becomes camouflaged normality