Articles by Fazıla Mat

Elections and public agenda: a story of a media synergy

02/07/2019 -  Fazıla Mat

Social platforms and traditional media have equal weight in determining the public and electoral agenda, often acting in synergy manner. Sara Bentivegna, Professor of Communication Theories and Digital Media and Political Communication at the Sapienza University of Rome, explains

Disinformation, technology giants, and our critical skills

16/04/2019 -  Fazıla Mat

Online disinformation is a complex phenomenon that can become extremely harmful to society. As we are faced with the power of technology giants, short-term policies, and implications for freedom of expression, it is crucial to promote critical thinking, media literacy, and reflection on these issues in all age groups

Dossier: Disinformation

11/01/2019 -  Niccolò Caranti; Fazıla Mat

"Fake news" or disinformation is one of the most pressing issues of our times. Building on the materials of the Resource Centre on Press and Media Freedom in Europe, OBCT devoted its latest special dossier to this topic

Turkey media, between European solidarity and tolerance

30/11/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

The difficult situation of Turkey's press told by well-known journalists, the effects of European solidarity initiatives, and the prospects for the future. A report of the event "Turkey's Media Under Siege", covered by OBCT

Cumhuriyet: the return of Kemal Atatürk

26/09/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

After standing out for its investigations and articles that ruffled the power's feathers, now Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet returns to the old Kemalist guard thanks to an appeal. Over 30 journalists leave the newspaper

Turkey, the plight of women refugees

18/09/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

Women make up almost half of the Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey. In addition to the difficulties arising from their condition of refugees, they often face sexual violence and patriarchal norms

Turkey Ltd

31/07/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

With the new presidential system, Erdoğan has consolidated his position of power. The new government includes many representatives of the business world, despite the risk of conflict of interest

Elections in Turkey: The vote of the youth

22/06/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

On Sunday over one and a half million youngsters will vote for the first time in Turkey. An analysis of the trends among young people and the impact they could have on the result ahead of a crucial election for the country

Turkey, the resilience of the Academics for Peace

05/05/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

Hundreds of university lecturers in Turkey are on trial, have been expelled or fired for signing a declaration in favour of peace. The pressures suffered have led them to develop new forms of resistance and solidarity

Dossier: Freedom of the press in Bulgaria

03/05/2018 -  Nicola PedrazziFazıla MatValentina Vivona

Dangerous entanglements between media, politics and business in the country in charge of the Presidency of the Council of the EU

Turkey: released Ahmet Şık and Murat Sabuncu

12/03/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

Two more Cumhuriyet journalists have been released, while Akın Atalay, managing director of the major Turkish daily, remains in prison

Turkey: the map of violence against women

08/03/2018 -  Fazıla Mat

An interview with Ceyda Ulukaya, journalist and creator of the first map of femicides in Turkey – an original and appreciated data journalism project

Hate speech: what it is and how to contrast it

01/02/2018 -  Marzia BonaIrene DioliLorenzo FerrariFazıla MatNicola PedrazziRossella Vignola Valentina Vivona

As hate speech is being debated more and more both online and offline, we decided to devote a special dossier to it, building on the materials of the Resource Centre on Press and Media Freedom in Europe.

Turkey: the number of asylum requests has tripled over the last two years

18/12/2017 -  Fazıla Mat

Following the attempted coup d'état, the number of asylum requests from Turkish citizens for countries in the EU, Germany in particular, continues to rise

Turkey: EU funds, authoritarianism, and civil society

06/07/2017 -  Fazıla Mat

For over 10 years, Turkey has received EU funds supporting reforms and democratisation. In light of the country's authoritarian drift, however, many wonder whether this strategy still makes sense

Can Dündar: Erdoğan's lacerated Turkey

23/05/2017 -  Fazıla Mat Prato

At the Festival Mediterraneo Downtown 2017 at Prato we met the Turkish journalist Can Dündar. Fears and hopes for Turkey after Erdoğan's victory in the constitutional referendum

Refugees in Europe: “Let's not make it a battle of the bottom feeders”

07/02/2017 -  Fazıla Mat

More Eu funds are needed to support reception measures for refugees as well as European citizens experiencing poverty. Interview with Brando Benifei, Italian MEP, on the management of the refugees crisis in Europe

Lost childhood: Syrian children in Turkey

24/01/2017 -  Fazıla Mat

It is estimated that in Turkey one Syrian minor in ten is working to provide for the family. A situation that threatens to cancel an entire generation. An analysis

Cécile Kyenge on Europe and migrations

22/12/2016 -  Fazıla Mat

Facing the migration problem means keeping the European project alive. We spoke to the author of a recent report on the issue, Cécile Kyenge, Italian member of the European parliament

Turkey: censorship reaches Europe

26/10/2016 -  Fazıla Mat

A Kurdish television station based in Italy was blacked out at the request of the Turkish authorities. The reconstruction of the occurence