Articles by Dunja Mijatović

Srebrenica: dehumanising the Other

10/07/2019 -  Dunja Mijatović

Srebrenica genocide did not happen by accident and began well before its full horror became visible. It took shape with public discourse that dehumanised the Other

“We must not forget Srebrenica“

11/07/2018 -  Dunja Mijatović *

To give to survivors and victims’ families of Srebrenica justice, recognition and respect we should start from education, in Bosnia Herzegovina and in the whole region. Education systems in the region must educate about the past, educate to debunk myths, educate about justice and equality for all

Sport Cannot Ignore Human Rights

04/06/2015 -  Michel ForstDunja MijatovićNils Muižnieks Geneva, Vienna, Strasbourg

Human rights officials highlight the crackdown on freedom of expression in Azerbaijan ahead of the inauguration of the European Games in Baku