Articles by Burcu Karakaş

Turkey: crackdown on the Kurdish political movement

30/09/2019 -  Burcu Karakaş Istanbul

The mayors elected in the ranks of pro-Kurdish HDP have been ousted by the Turkish government on charges of flanking terrorism, further reducing the space for a political solution to the Kurdish question

Ekrem İmamoğlu, a young politician challenging Erdoğan

20/06/2019 -  Burcu Karakaş Istanbul

Little known till the beginning of the electoral campaign, opposition candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu (CHP) triumphed at the Istanbul municipal elections last March, later cancelled. A portrait of the young politician on the eve of the rerun, scheduled for June 23rd

Turkey: hunger strikes for Öcalan reach a critical stage

18/04/2019 -  Burcu Karakaş Istanbul

Hundreds of Kurdish detainees in Turkish prisons are carrying out a hunger strike to demand an end to the isolation of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan. Despite the serious conditions of many detainees, and as many as seven suicides, their protest today seems to be at a dead end

“Saturday Mothers” of Turkey: in the pursuit of justice

02/04/2019 -  Burcu Karakaş Istanbul

Since 1995, the relatives of numerous "desaparecidos", who disappeared during the Kurdish conflict in Turkey, ask for justice and truth in Galatasaray Square. Last summer sit-ins were banned, but their struggle continues

Afghan immigrants in Turkey, a challenging life

28/02/2019 -  Burcu Karakaş Istanbul

Afghans represent Turkey's largest community of irregular migrants, still growing despite forced repatriations, denied rights, and difficult living conditions

Turkey, journalism is not a crime

14/02/2019 -  Burcu Karakaş

Articles used as evidence against the accused, long periods of detention, a definition of "terrorism" with vague boundaries. In Turkey, the press freedom situation continues to cause concern. The report by our correspondent

Turkey, an increasingly armed country

24/01/2019 -  Burcu Karakaş Istanbul

In Turkey, more and more citizens own firearms, often unregistered. A central factor in the increase in incidents of violence recorded in recent years

The fragility of Syrian refugee women in Turkey

24/12/2018 -  Burcu Karakaş

Violence, exploitation, marginalisation: these are the challenges of a difficult everyday life for many Syrian refugee women in Turkey