Articles by Azra Nuhefendić

Yugoslavia's lost laughter

24/08/2018 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Back in the past, humor and laughter were almost a national sport in Yugoslavia, and laughter was a sign of "an emotionally healthy and safe environment"

Roma in the Balkans: the story of Nazif

27/03/2018 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Nazif Mujić has died – a comet that arrived from obscurity to the Berlin Film Festival and disappeared into the darkest pitch. The discrimination of Roma people in Europe in this memory

Bosnia and Herzegovina's dirty diplomas

31/08/2017 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Rome was not built in a day, but in Bosnia and Herzegovina a day is enough to get a degree or master's diploma, as long as you pay. The crumbling of the higher education system further compromises the future of the country

Sarajevo-Amsterdam: looking for freedom

15/12/2016 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Vondelpark, a cult attraction for hippies from all over Europe. Azra went there too, along with Snježana, Cvele, Paja and Gorki who spent a summer there in the 70

Yugoslavia: trip to Turkey

19/08/2016 -  Azra Nuhefendić

When your father takes you to Istanbul but you really have no wish to go because you're dreaming of Paris. A trip to Turkey in the early 70s

The War, the Crimes, the Photographs

11/08/2016 -  Azra Nuhefendić

The photographers who documented the Balkan wars have contributed to shaping the memory of those events, and, in some cases, also the history. The destiny of a photo, however, is not in the hands of its creator

Hippy Yugoslavia

09/02/2016 -  Azra Nuhefendić

In the Seventies, a group of young hipsters leave Yugoslavia looking for the Buddhist monk Čedomil Veljačič, ending up in Morocco

The word Srebrenica

08/07/2015 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Denial is the last stage of genocide. Acknowledging the crime, after 20 years, could help Bosnian society moving forward

Sarajevo, today

24/04/2015 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Sarajevo is not the city it once was. There are no longer tens of thousands of inhabitants – some have betrayed it, others have left it. But it can't be blamed for this. Slowly it's coming back to life, as if after an earthquake

Grandfather Alija goes to war

23/06/2014 -  Azra Nuhefendić

The Bosnians fought in the ranks of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire faithfully, on the various fronts of the First World War. Upon their return, however, soldiers were plagued by nightmares. The story of grandfather Alija

Sarajevo 1984, Yugoslavia's Olympic Games

31/01/2014 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Thirty years ago, from February 8th to 19th, the fourteenth edition of the Olympic Winter Games was held in Sarajevo. A few years after the Olympic facilities, a symbol of common history and life, were targeted by the bombings

Mostar: the Old One, twenty years later

08/11/2013 -  Azra Nuhefendić

On November 9th, twenty years ago, the artillery of the Bosnian Croat army destroyed the Mostar Bridge, a treasure of Ottoman architecture and one of the symbols of Bosnia and Herzegovina. People reacted on instinct to the news

Hitchhiking with Jim Morrison

11/09/2013 -  Azra Nuhefendić

In 1970, students Cvjetko and Pavle leave Belgrade to hitchhike their way to the Isle of Wight. An unexpected encounter is awaiting them in France. Back when the word Yugoslavia still opened the doors to Europe

The ping pong champion

14/08/2013 -  Azra Nuhefendić

The story of a girl from Sarajevo who became a national table tennis champion playing for the “Grbavica” club in 1960s Yugoslavia

It is not easy to be Sarajevo

08/05/2013 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Throughout the twentieth century, Sarajevo has been both a symbol of political violence and a model of peaceful coexistence. The years in which the city fell under the control of the Ustasha are crucial to understand its contradictions. A book by Emily Greble

The supreme command in the war in Bosnia

19/06/2012 -  Azra Nuhefendić

The role of partisan cinematography in Socialist Yugoslavia and what happened to two of its better known exponents – Bata Živojinović and Hajrudin Šiba Krvavac, hero and director respectively of the most famous Yugoslavian film in the world, “Valter defends Sarajevo”

That April in Sarajevo

05/04/2012 -  Azra Nuhefendić

Vivid and intense memories from the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo. Friends turning into enemies and loved ones leaving the city. Disbelief as the war starts tragically to unfold

Bosnia-Herzegovina. In Tito’s bunker

01/11/2011 -  Azra Nuhefendić

From the Konjic fallout shelter, turned into a contemporary art gallery, to the streets in the center of Sarajevo. Who waged war? Why? A trip in the heart of Bosnia in search of answers

The Sarajevo Tunnel

08/09/2011 -  Azra Nuhefendić

For some it's a monument to the strength of the human spirit, others think it was a place of torture. A journey into the tunnel of Sarajevo, a 700 metre underground track which, for the inhabitants of the Bosnian capital, meant the difference between life and death

Sarajevo: lime trees in flower

11/07/2011 -  Azra Nuhefendić Sarajevo

It is a place to meet, a place for friends, for lovers. It is Vilsonovo Avenue, in Sarajevo, shaded by four rowes of age-old lime trees that survived even the 90’s war. When the lime trees are in flower, it is time to go back