28 October 2015

Journalists from all over Europe can apply to become a Journalist-in-Residence at the ECPMF in Leipzig. The deadline for applying is January 22th 2016 

The ECPMF starts its Journalists-in-Residence programme, targeting journalists from all over Europe who have come under pressure cause ot their work. The programme offers to journalists a safe house in Leipzig, a scholarship, health insurance and dissemination opportunities for their work. The main aim of the programme is to relieve them from a permanent state of anxiety, to support their work and to focus public attention on their situation.
The programme also offers a scholarship to journalists and media freedom experts who are not under direct threat but contribute in an extraordinary way to media freedom in Europe. If a proposed project is evaluated as essential, it is supported by the scholarship and the infrastructure of the ECPMF.

Journalists from all over Europe can apply to become a Journalist-in-Residence at ECPMF in Leipzig. The duration varies depending on the individual case, but can last up to twelve months. For a successful application, the candidate shall provide proof of the fact that he or she is under pressure due to own researches and/or publications; that he/she has extensive experience working as a journalist, and is not part of a political movement. Working knowledge of English is an asset. Extensive explanation of requests and procedures to apply for the Journalists-in-Residence programme are available on the ECPMF web page .

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