History and memory

Istria: being young in the 70's

14/07/2016 -  Davide Sighele

A documentary portrays the life of the Italian community in Istria through the eyes of children and teenagers. An interview with its director, Sabrina Benussi

1914-1918: the lost generation

20/03/2014 -  Marco Abram

A century ago, the Great War swept Europe taking 10 million men and leaving 25 million wounded. Historian Jay M. Winter looks back on our century of violence

Dimitrije Tucović: a socialist in Slavija square

29/01/2014 -  Marco Abram

The renovation of the centre of Belgrade will involve moving the statue of Dimitrije Tucović, Serbian anti-war activist who died in 1914 and has recently disappeared from the public debate

Topovske Šupe: memory of the Holocaust at stake

19/06/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrado

In Belgrade, the building that housed one of the first Nazi concentration camps in Eastern Europe will be razed to the ground. Its place will be taken by a shopping centre. The protests of the citizens

The Sarajevo Tunnel

08/09/2011 -  Azra Nuhefendić

For some it's a monument to the strength of the human spirit, others think it was a place of torture. A journey into the tunnel of Sarajevo, a 700 metre underground track which, for the inhabitants of the Bosnian capital, meant the difference between life and death

Belgrade, 9 March 1991

14/03/2011 -  Danijela Nenadić Belgrade

Twenty years ago, in Belgrade, the first huge demonstration against Milošević’s regime. This date is the start of our dossier on the 20 years since the beginning of the war in Yugoslavia. The story of who was still a little girl then but who, for the first time on the 9th of March of 1991, demonstrated for a different Serbia