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Croatia: emigration, European funds, and beers

21/06/2018 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

Some leave and never want to come back, some – although the country is not fully ready yet – use EU funds to create new artisanal businesses, such as the production of craft beers

Not a priority for MEPs on the right

30/05/2018 -  Lucia Bruni

The European Parliament recently adopted a resolution on media freedom and pluralism. How many voted in favour, and how many against? Did geography and ideology make an impact on the vote? A brief analysis

Western Balkans-EU Integration: Why Italy should take the lead

16/05/2018 -  Luisa Chiodi

On the eve of the Sofia Summit between the EU and the Western Balkans, an analysis of Italy's role in the enlargement process

Reform of the Dublin Regulation – Towards another wasted opportunity?

21/05/2018 -  Francesca Spinelli

Prolonged discussions and disagreements between governments threaten the necessary reform of European rules on the right of asylum

The Romanian “slaves” behind the Sicilian tomatoes

15/05/2018 -  Iulia Badea Guéritée

Hundreds of migrant women moved from Romania to Sicily in order to work, but they are now reduced to a sort of contemporary slaves. The issue has been brought to the European Parliament, where many politicians are urging the EU to intervene

The future of Europe passes through the Dublin system

08/05/2018 -  Lucia Bruni

“The crisis of today’s Europe is not a ‘Schengen crisis’ but a ‘Dublin crisis’”. An interview with Gianfranco Schiavone, Italian jurist and expert on migration issues

Supporting civil society not only with words

24/04/2018 -  Lucia Bruni

The European Parliament has voted in favour of adopting the European Values Instrument, which provides financial support to civil society

Personal-data privacy: New EU rules are ‘a giant step, given the current situation’

23/04/2018 -  VoxEurop

For the researcher Olivier Ertzscheid, author of the New Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace, the forthcoming European General Data Protection Regulation is an important step forward for internet users

The EU rewards the Balkans

14/05/2018 -  Sara Gradilone

Various initiatives for sustainable mobility in Europe have been launched in the Balkans, and more will follow. A report

Defending an open and free internet

12/04/2018 -  Una Čilić Sarajevo

Recent legislation in the United States has restricted the country’s so-called “net neutrality”, allowing internet service providers to privilege customers who can afford to pay for faster data traffic. Will this decision affect net neutrality in the EU and the Balkans?