Since Slovenia's entry into the European Union in 2004, the border areas between the latter and Italy have discovered new opportunities for relations and development to heal the deep wounds of the first and second world wars. Also thanks to EU cohesion policy


TERRITORIES Cycling between environment and memory: the new Isonzo-Soča cross-border park

Paola Rosà | 31/5/2023

The warm season will be an opportunity to test the new infrastructures and strategies of an EU-funded project in the municipalities of Gorizia, Nova Gorica, and Šempeter-Vrtojba, a border area that conceives itself as a single, homogeneous territory along the river Soča 

TERRITORIES Gorizia-Nova Gorica: the concrete and revolutionary utopia of EGTC GO

Paola Rosà | 29/3/2023

EGTC GO is a European group of territorial cooperation: a tool shared between municipalities to experience territories, overcoming and transforming borders

INTERVIEW The Salute Zdravstvo project, a cross-border story

Paola Rosà | 6/3/2023

Autism, cross-border CUP, services for pregnant women: healthcare between Italy and Slovenia. An interview

ENVIRONMENT Italy-Slovenia: the ecological link

Serena Epis | 1/3/2022

Between Italy and Slovenia there are two natural parks that have been in dialogue for years. We interviewed Antonio Andrich, director of the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park

Dinalpconnect: environmental protection beyond borders


The Julian Prealps Regional Natural Park and the nearby Triglav National Park have collaborated for years. Among the recent joint projects, Dinalpconnect aims to create ecological continuity between the Dinaric mountains and the Alps

BORDER REGIONS Italy-Slovenia: the cross-border train and buses

Editors | 23/12/2021

Hundreds of kilometres of border, and for years no public transport lines crossing it. Some cross-border Interreg projects dedicated to sustainable mobility have reversed the course

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