It was called Crvena Zastava, Red Flag, and it was the biggest car producer in the Balkans. Following the fall of Yugoslavia, it entered a devastating crisis, reaching its peak during the Nato bombings of 1999. While the factory lost its workers, the city of Kragujevac became one of the main destination for Kosovo refugees. A story on the violent transition from socialism to the market economy. Zastava Planet has been produced thanks to funding from the Autonomous Province of Trento

18/03/2010 - 



Directed by: Andrea Rossini
Camera, editing: Moira Della Fiore; Andrea Rossini
Interviews: Andrea Rossini; Davide Sighele
Sound: Carlo Dall'Asta
Music: Mauro Bacchetti
Production: Osservatorio sui Balcani - ITA, 2005
Running Time: 26'30'' PAL
Languages:  BHS/ENG/ITA
Subtitles:  ENG