Michael is on the tracks of the Indo-European language, Gianni is an Arbëresh and teaches Albanian at the University of Calabria, Monica was the first researcher in Italy to obtain a PhD in Albanology. A group of linguists travelling into the majestic beauty of Albanian mountains in a quest for lost words and languages. “Lips, eyes, ears” traces a portrait of an unusual job, introducing a special perspective on today's Albania, its culture, and its landscape

17/03/2010 - 


Directed by: Micol Cossali; Davide Sighele
Camera: Davide Sighele
Editing: Micol Cossali
Sound: Carlo Dall'Asta
Music: fattoriadelvento
Grafic design: Andrea Pandini
Production: Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso - ITA, 2009, 29' PAL - OBC MMIX-1
Languages: ITA; SHQ
Subtitles: ITA; ENG; SHQ
Extra: the DVD box includes a 44-page coloured booklet in Italian and English presenting the reportage “Lips, Eyes, Ears” by Davide Sighele, and a photo gallery by Andrea Pandini