European elections

We have always tried to give our work a strong European imprint. In 2000, when we started publishing on these electronic pages, none of the countries we followed was part of the EU. The enlargement process radically changed the situation, yet a group of Balkan countries are still out.

From the beginning we thought that the response to the tragic events that took place in the Balkans in the 1990s was European integration – both on an institutional and on a grassroots level. And for the same reason we followed these European elections with attention, bust most of all with emotion.

During the past weeks we curated a voluminous dossier where you may find, for instance, the reasons why Gresa Hasa, a young Albanian activist, feels perfectly European; our correspondents' analysis of the vote, a postcard that we invite you to sign for the Adriatic to become an European sea and, lastly, thanks to our EDJNet project, all the "numbers" of the European elections, country by country. Enjoy your reading!

31/05/2019 -