A recent sentence of the Supreme Court of Holland ruled that the Dutch state had "a very limited responsibility" in Srebrenica in ‘95 for the death of about 350 Bosnian Muslim men. The decision put a significant limitation on the civil responsability of the accused and of the compensation, arising disappointment and anger among the victims' associations.

If you are in your thirties like Karin, Anna and Karen, you could be subject to serious limitations on getting access to the labour market in Armenia. A new and more comprehensive law is now expected to put an end to discrimination on grounds of age.

Last June the European Council’s decision to postpone the opening of EU accession talks of Albania and North Macedonia provoked strong limitations on the hopes of the two countries to start the negotiations soon. For the other Balkan countries, the situation isn’t much more encouraging.

Advocacy Action: OBC Transeuropa and other 19 human rights and freedom of expression organizations co-signed a statement criticizing the interim judicial decision taken on the Gezi Park case, defined “an act of intimidation”

26/07/2019 -