They live in a highly patriarchal society. Yet, with courage and resoluteness, they are building their present and a more right future for themselves and their children. Meet Shaqe, File, Engjellushe and many other women living in northern Albania. Together with RTM and Albania News we told their stories in a short documentary.

Anna, Maria, and many others have other stories to tell. In Greece, thousands of migrant women work as domestic helpers and carers. They face a difficult life, suspended between legality and informal sector, country of origin and destination, pride and regret.

Very soon Chechen women will be able to take taxis driven by women and only for women. The initiative sponsored by an Arab investment fund has caused very different reactions. Is it just another step in Chechnya's progressive Islamisation?

Slack chat! "Covering European issues with data", Friday 22 April 2019, 6PM CET. The chat is jointly organised by the Data Journalism Awards and the European Data Journalism Network. Giorgio Comai from OBCT will be one of the speakers. To follow and join the chat you need to register here

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