Articles by Arzu Geybullayeva

Hocus Pocus – Aliyev Style election

12/02/2020 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

Magic is what comes to mind when trying to find the right words to describe the snap parliamentary election that took place last Sunday, February 9th in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: 2019, year of make-up

13/01/2020 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

It was a rather hectic year in 2019 in Azerbaijan, President Aliyev decided on a series of changes, layoffs and replacements of senior officials. For some a wave of reforms, for others yet another make-up, in view of the early parliamentary elections of 9th February

Turkey, the trial of Osman Kavala

04/10/2019 -  Arzu Geybullayeva Istanbul

The Turkish philanthropist Osman Kavala is in jail for more than 700 days. He's accused of trying to overthrow the government and to have financed the Gezi Park protests in 2013. However, there is no convincing evidence against him

Behind Aliyev style reforms: business as usual

01/10/2019 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

In Azerbaijan, a pro-government website published a report evaluating the reforms introduced by President Aliyev at the beginning of the year. However, a careful analysis shows that behind the facade of reforms the country continues as usual: corruption and violation of human rights

Azerbaijan, the Huseynov’s case

15/01/2019 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

A blogger’s plea for justice shakes the world, but not official Baku

Azerbaijan: white gold, black labour

28/08/2018 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

After the global decline in oil prices, Azerbaijan is trying to differentiate its economy betting on cotton industry. In Soviet times the “white gold” was one of the biggest exports of Azerbaijan, today is caracterized by huge violations of workers' rights

Azerbaijan, killing a republic

08/06/2018 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

In May Azerbaijan celebrated the 100th anniversary of its republic. Little is left of the democratic principles that inspired the founding fathers

Azerbaijan: the kingdom of Aliyev secures fourth season

16/04/2018 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

Nothing but a show, with dramatic results for the future of Azerbaijan. A commentary on the recent presidential elections

What's behind Azerbaijan’s snap elections

15/02/2018 -  Arzu GeybullayevaTamara Grigoryeva

The presidential elections were scheduled for next October, but surprisingly the head of state has called them on April 11. Why did president Aliyev take and sign this decision?

Azerbaijan: the silent crackdown in the Land of Fire

06/09/2017 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

The already long list of arrests of those who are not aligned with the Baku government continues. The last one to pay was Mehan Aliyev, director of the Turan press agency

Azerbaijan and Europe

07/07/2017 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

The Azerbaijani regime should harbor no illusions. It will never achieve a strategic partnership agreement with the EU like those obtained by the US, Canada, China, Japan, Brazil and others

Azerbaijan: a 21st century dynasty

01/03/2017 -  Arzu Geybullaeva

President Ilham Aliyev has recently appointed his wife to the position of vice-president of the country, confirming that Azerbaijan is, slowly but steadily, turning from a democracy into a monarchy

Azerbaijan: autocracy, before and after the referendum

29/09/2016 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

The referendum held on September 26 in Azerbaijan confirmed the adoption of 29 constitutional amendments, strengthening the power of the ruling elite

Azerbaijan: Aliyev-style referendum

31/08/2016 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

Attempts to strengthen the regime in Azerbaijan: a forthcoming referendum aims to prolong the presidential term and to lower to 18 years the minimum age to be elected President

The hostages of Ilham Aliyev

13/05/2016 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

Some political prisoners have been released by the Azerbaijani authorities in the past few months. But many are still behind bars, held as hostages

Azerbaijan: Mission Nardaran Challenge

02/02/2016 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

Protests in Nardaran, a majority conservative Shia village in the outskirts of Baku, indicate a growing discontent for the country's difficult social and economic conditions

Lights, Camera, Action - Welcome to Azerbaijan’s show elections

30/10/2015 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

With the lack of interest and competition, disbelief, and long tradition of manipulated election results it is unlikely November 1st elections in Azerbaijan will bring much change. More likely, they will only reconfirm the projections of results for these elections - one party rule on both presidential and parliamentary levels.

Azerbaijan: Aliyev’s most wanted list

04/09/2015 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

The jail sentence inflicted on investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova is the latest episode in the fight against freedom of speech in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: a circus trial, clowns and a glass cage

19/08/2015 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

The trial of Khadija Ismayilova, the main investigative Azerbaijani journalists in prison since last December, began last July 24 and may close as early as this week

Journalists under threat, the Geybullayeva case

22/07/2015 -  Arzu Geybullayeva

For expressing criticism against the Azerbaijan government and collaborating with Armenian newspapers and NGOs, our correspondent Arzu Geybullayeva has been repeatedly threatened and labeled as “traitor”