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Nicole Corritore – Journalist and Press officer

From 1992 to 2000 Nicole worked in international and decentralised cooperation projects in Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia. From 1992 to 1996 she worked on external affairs for Radio Popolare Network. She is interested in environmental and cooperation issues. She is a journalist and manages relations with the Italian and South-East European media, as well as with the press offices of local bodies and institutions, NGOs, associations, etc. She speaks fluent Serbo-Croatian and joined Osservatorio in 2001.

Articles by Nicole Corritore

Croatia: GMOs? No, thank you!

23/05/2014 -  Nicole Corritore

The European debate on the authorization for cultivating Pioneer 1507 corn has raised fears in the youngest country of the Union, where all regions have declared themselves "GMO free"

Balkans: women and war

03/12/2013 -  Nicole Corritore

Thousands of women were victims of sexual crimes during the Balkan conflicts. Most of them receive no support from the region's states, despite the progress marked by international criminal law in prosecuting these crimes

Mir Sada, twenty years ago

13/08/2013 -  Nicole Corritore

Marching to Sarajevo to contribute to peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and promote popular diplomacy and non-violent interposition. This was the goal of over two thousand Italian and foreign pacifists who took part in "Mir Sada - Peace Now" in August 1993. One of our journalists participated

Ivo Josipović: the European Union is a symbol of peace

27/06/2013 -  Nicole Corritore Zagreb

Next July 1st, Croatia enters the European Union. A historic moment, a step away from the tragedies of the 90s and a hope for the future. We met and interviewed Croatian president Ivo Josipović

Pančevo, dead town

13/12/2012 -  Nicole Corritore

Pančevo has for years been the most polluted town in South East Europe. The Nato bombings in 1999 made the situation even worse. Our report

Paralympics 2012: Albania's first time

11/09/2012 -  Nicole Corritore

Haki Doku is the first Albanian athlete in the history of the Paralympics. He competed in London on his hand-bike, a special, three-wheeled bike driven by force of arms. The road to get there was an uphill struggle, but thanks to the Integra Foundation and many others, Haki's dream was fulfilled

Vukovar, 19 years later

29/11/2010 -  Nicole Corritore Vukovar

On 18 November 1991, the siege of Vukovar, Croatia, ended with an agreement between besiegers and besieged to evacuate civilians and respect the Third Geneva Convention on treatment of prisoners of war. Neither promise would be kept. Our report on the memorial day

European patchwork

22/06/2010 -  Nicole CorritoreFrancesca Vanoni Sarajevo

Italian regions, south-eastern European local authorities, and Italian civil society organisations will combine their experiences in a three-year programme. SeeNet II – South-East Europe Network is the widest partnership of decentralised cooperation between Italy and the Balkans