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Francesco Martino

Francesco Martino - Journalist

Degree in Media Studies from the University of Trieste. He worked in the field of international cooperation in Kosovo before becoming  a journalist. He has been living and working in Sofia since 2005 and in Bulgaria he has collaborated with various Italian and international media providers. He speaks Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovene and Macedonian. Based in Sofia, he has been working for Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso since 2006.

Articles by Francesco Martino

Bulgaria: the trafficking networks

15/10/2015 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

The government in Sofia has recently strengthened the laws against people-trafficking, in an attempt to strike the local criminal organizations who are finding in the migrants a new source of income

Slow Food Macedonia, fishing biodiversity

06/08/2015 -  Francesco Martino Stenje

Lake Prespa, on the border between Macedonia, Albania and Greece preserves unique biodiversity and culinary traditions. Like that of the dried fish "cironki", whose origins are lost in time

Rural Bulgaria: between abandonment and redemption

02/03/2015 -  Francesco Martino Gorna Bela Rechka

Northwestern Bulgaria: the poorest region in the EU, hit by the fierce depopulation of rural areas. Yet, despite the difficulties of the present, some do resist – and start back, in small steps - from the treasures of a centenary cultural and culinary tradition

Green energy in Bulgaria: an uneasy success

13/02/2015 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Bulgaria is among the few European countries that have announced the achievement of the objectives of the "Europe 2020" strategy on renewable energy. At the same time, the sector is said to be in crisis and unsustainable. Our report

Slow Food in Turkey: the multicoloured market

12/01/2015 -  Francesco Martino Foça

At Foça, on Turkey's Aegean coast, there's a market with a magical miscellany of colours, aromas and flavours. Among the treasures displayed on the stalls you can find the “tarhana”, distilled from the generous abundance of summer

The once beautiful, blue Danube

05/09/2014 -  Francesco Martino

The mysterious sturgeon, an indicator of the river's health, is at risk. Bulgaria, Romania and the WWF strive to protect it

Bulgaria, towards new early elections

22/07/2014 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Dysfunctional politics, institutional crisis, banking fever. This is the image of Bulgaria after last May's European vote. Our report

Bulgaria, the Decline in Media Freedom

10/06/2014 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

In Bulgaria, freedom of the press and expression has dramatically declined in recent years. Among the principle causes are media concentration, self-censorship and pressure on journalists. We spoke about this with Professor Orlin Spasov

European elections in Greece: SYRIZA wins, the government resists

02/06/2014 -  Francesco Martino

Alexis Tsipras' radical left (SYRIZA)is the winner of the European elections in Greece. Yet, despite the defeat, conservative prime minister Samaras rejected the request for early elections and is preparing for a government reshuffle

Bulgaria, The European Elections Will Be Revelatory

10/03/2014 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

The upcoming European elections (May 25, 2014) in Bulgaria will take place in the wake of a period of significant social and political tension. For this reason, many observers believe that they will offer a meaningful referendum on the current, and controversial, center-left government