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Francesco Martino

Francesco Martino - Journalist

Degree in Media Studies from the University of Trieste. He worked in the field of international cooperation in Kosovo before becoming  a journalist. He has been living and working in Sofia since 2005 and in Bulgaria he has collaborated with various Italian and international media providers. He speaks Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovene and Macedonian. Based in Sofia, he has been working for Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso since 2006.

Articles by Francesco Martino

Slow Food Romania: the Saxons and the Bazna pig

20/09/2016 -  Francesco Martino Bazna

The Bazna pig was born and bred in the late 19th-century Transylvania. Today, after the Saxon community that had selected it emigrated, the pig is likely to disappear as well

Bulgaria: Dinko, the shameful "super-hero"

02/03/2016 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

One of the main TV stations in Bulgaria, bTV, glorifies a man who hunts migrants and wants them dead. This is the story

Elderly Bulgarians: the lost generation

15/02/2016 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Bulgaria is the EU country with the highest rate of elderly people at risk of poverty, isolation and social exclusion. Our report

Slow Food Turkey: at the “muhabbet” market

29/12/2015 -  Francesco Martino Şile

A place for meetings and exchanges, the market at Şile, in Turkey, faces up to both the opportunities and the challenges presented by its proximity to the megalopolis of Istanbul

Albania, the pride of the fairies

24/12/2015 -  Francesco Martino Fishta

After many years in Italy, the Prenga brothers have returned to Albania to put their new ideas for the restaurant business into practice. Fundamental to their practice are pride in their traditions, love for the land and the use of local produce

Slow Food Bulgaria: the “kiselo mlyako” of the Strandzha

14/12/2015 -  Francesco Martino Malko Tarnovo

In the Strandzha mountains, on the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, proud, obstinate producers carry on making “kiselo mlyako” (sour milk), a thousand-year-old tradition

Bulgaria: the trafficking networks

15/10/2015 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

The government in Sofia has recently strengthened the laws against people-trafficking, in an attempt to strike the local criminal organizations who are finding in the migrants a new source of income

Slow Food Macedonia, fishing biodiversity

06/08/2015 -  Francesco Martino Stenje

Lake Prespa, on the border between Macedonia, Albania and Greece preserves unique biodiversity and culinary traditions. Like that of the dried fish "cironki", whose origins are lost in time

Rural Bulgaria: between abandonment and redemption

02/03/2015 -  Francesco Martino Gorna Bela Rechka

Northwestern Bulgaria: the poorest region in the EU, hit by the fierce depopulation of rural areas. Yet, despite the difficulties of the present, some do resist – and start back, in small steps - from the treasures of a centenary cultural and culinary tradition

Green energy in Bulgaria: an uneasy success

13/02/2015 -  Francesco Martino Sofia

Bulgaria is among the few European countries that have announced the achievement of the objectives of the "Europe 2020" strategy on renewable energy. At the same time, the sector is said to be in crisis and unsustainable. Our report