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Andrea Oskari Rossini - Editor and Documentary-film maker

MA at the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) in Milan and degree in Political Science at the University of Milan. He has worked on different international cooperation projects in the Balkans. A journalist and documentary-film maker, he joined Osservatorio in 2002. He tweets at @AORossini

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Articles by Andrea Oskari Rossini

Srebrenica, the way back

10/07/2015 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini Sarajevo

The commemorations of the twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide will be taking place in a town where hardly anyone lives any more

Sarajevo, locus teologicus

27/05/2015 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini Sarajevo

Pope Francis' visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina is a message of peace. Conversation with Franjo Topić, president of the cultural association Napredak

Sarajevo, the Women's Tribunal

11/05/2015 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini Sarajevo

The first Women's Tribunal in Europe took place in Sarajevo between May 7th and 10th. The participants came from all the countries of the former Yugoslavia

Catholic Bosnia

30/04/2015 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini Sarajevo

The forthcoming visit of Pope Francis to Bosnia Herzegovina prompts comments and analyses on the issue of catholic identity in the Balkan country. Our interview to academic and mediaevalist Dubravko Lovrenović

Human rights in Armenia: the Muižnieks report

18/03/2015 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini

Nils Muižnieks, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, made public on 10 March his report on the state of human rights in Armenia. Our interview

Serbia-Croatia: the verdict

06/02/2015 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini Sarajevo

The judgement of the International Court of Justice, which rejected the accusations of genocide made by Serbia and Croatia, may open a new era in the relations between the countries of the region

Alan Ford, a Yugoslav hero

12/12/2014 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini Sarajevo

An exhibition in Sarajevo sheds light on the most celebrated Italian comic strip translated in Yugoslavia and the new republics

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a rich country

09/10/2014 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini Sarajevo

After the enlargement stop set by President Juncker, some fear the risk of a Turkish scenario for the Western Balkans, i.e. negotiations that never end. Renzo Daviddi, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thinks different. Interview

Sarajevo, One Hundred Years

21/05/2014 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini Sarajevo

Commemorating the centennial of the outbreak of World War I in Sarajevo is an expression of cynicism, according to journalist and writer Zlatko Dizdarević*

Bosnian systemic crisis

11/02/2014 -  Andrea Oskari Rossini

Protests are continuing after Friday's uprising, but media hype and national issues are looming upon the demonstrators. The European maze